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BASIC-4: A Miraculous Time


Kevin Mickelson (Mask of Death, AaW BASIC-Series) is back at it again, and this time he’s really getting into the holiday spirit!  A Miraculous Time brings us the return of Kale, Meeris, Ronius, and Willow, our four stalwart students from Exallizar Preparatory Academy.  In this adventure they will receive their adventure “training” quite literally, beginning the adventure riding within a wondrous mechanical invention called a “train”, the party quickly finds themselves defending the moving vehicle from evil creatures bent on destroying the holiday spirit!  This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!

It isn’t just the weather outside that’s frightful!

Now that winter has arrived in full force and the predators of the wild have grown desperate, it’s more important than ever that shipments of vital supplies be given proper escort – especially around the Midwinter holiday, when such shipments become all the more frequent!

A sleepy town on the far side of a mountain range is counting on you to make this Midwinter a joyous and healthy one!

Some greedy and cheerless monsters may have other ideas…

A Pathfinder compatible adventure for beginner players and game masters, 4 PCs of level 4.

The fourth chapter of a series of seasonally thematic modules that can be run to completion in 1-2 average sessions.

“A Miraculous Time” includes:

  • The fourth leg of the BASIC series
  • The return of Ronius, Willow, Meeris, and Kale, fully upgraded for level 4 play.
  • Magic items that give reference to prior adventures
  • A spin on an oft-overlooked character in the Christmas tradition
  • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done!