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Weird Wednesday (Destiny Derailed): Demons in the Tundra

Long before Pradjna was inhabited by humans and gnomes, demons roamed the lands, subjugating the native orcs, goblins, and other species into their own army. The predecessors to the current day inhabitants of the region drove the demons back. As the hellspawn vowed to return in 100 years, the sages concocted a clever plan—during the final […]

Maddening May: Bolghar’s Despair


Bolghar’s Despair     CR 8 XP 1,600 CE haunt (30 ft. radius) Caster Level 8th Notice Perception DC 22 (to hear the repeated whispers of “kinslayer”) Hp 8; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Effect: When entering Bolghar’s burial barrow, the anguished haunt manifests. A dwarf clad in rags with pieces of dated armor screams incoherently about dishonor […]

Feral Dalliance

Feral Dalliance

Feral Dalliance CR 6 XP 2,400 CE persistent haunt (15 ft.-radius circle) Caster Level 6th Notice Perception DC 24 (to notice the hairs on your body stand on end) hp 27; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Effect When this haunt is triggered, creatures within its area must make a DC 16 Will save or suddenly grow long, sharp teeth and nails. Over the […]

Volumengeist (Page Spirit) Creature Template

Volumengeist (Page Spirit) Template

Volumengeists of the Necropus Laruascriptum A necropus laruascriptum has the special ability to bind a spirit of a slain creature within its pages. When a creature’s spirit becomes bound to one of the enchanted books, it becomes a volumengeist (sometimes referred to as a page spirit) that can later be summoned as a servant via […]



Werewidow     CR 6 XP 2,400 CE haunt (40 ft. by 10 ft. alleyway) Caster Level 7th Notice Perception DC 23 (to hear the coughing of an old woman) hp 12; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Effect When this haunt is triggered, creatures within its area suddenly see an old woman hunched in the shadows. Any interaction […]

FatkeqĂ«si’s Rabble

Zombie Handmaidens with illusion in place

FatkeqĂ«si’s Rabble  CR5   XP 1,600 NE persistent haunt (20 ft. radius in the city square) Caster Level 7th Notice Perception DC 28 (to see or hear the shuffling footprints of the dead crowd) hp 22; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Weakness susceptible to slashing damage, tricked by Stealth Effect When this haunt is triggered, […]

The Eternal Torment


The Eternal Torment Aura none (medium abjuration and medium conjuration, see text); CL 7th Slot none; Weight 800 lbs. The Eternal Torment is always a beautiful marble statue of perfect proportions, slightly larger than the creature it portrays. The face is contorted in pain but otherwise an aura of beauty surrounds the artwork. Upon careful examination, however, the […]