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The Laughing Death


The Laughing Death¬† ¬† CR 8 XP¬†4,800 CE haunt (50-ft. radius) Caster¬†Level¬†8th Notice¬†Perception DC 20 (to hear the manic, stuttering laughter of the deranged) Hp¬†16;¬†Trigger¬†touch (physical interaction with a skull baring golden fangs);¬†Reset¬†1 day Effect: When this haunt is triggered, several things happen; first the environs are transformed into a hellscape filled with infernal growths, […]

Uyutmak’s Shield

Uyutmak's Shield

Uyutmak’s Shield Aura moderate enchantment; CL 6th Slot none; Price 16,170 gp; Weight¬†15 lbs.¬† Description The rim of this ornate circular heavy steel shield is decorated with thousands of miniature fragments of gem and crystal inlaid in complex gold trim. The gilded metalwork sweeps inward to the center of the armament like a draining pool […]

Confessions of an Evil GM: Sandbox vs. Railroading


When I started playing RPGs, railroading was the only way ahead. Then something called a sandbox came along. I initially thought, “isn’t that where children play and cats do their business?” That’s only partly accurate; sandbox design is a way of making the campaign world more alive. More alive? I just wanted to kill things […]

The Lute of Friendship


Lute of Friendship Aura moderate enchantment; CL 10th Slot none; Price 18,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs. Description¬†This beautifully crafted lute has a stout, polished brass handle parallel to the bridge, and the metal continues around the entire frame of the instrument. Unique designs chase the front of the lacquered wooden drum, marking it unique among […]

Biting Gauntlets

Fanged Gauntlet

Biting Gauntlets Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th Slot wrists; Price 7,600 gp; Weight ‚ÄĒ Description These metal gauntlets snap around the wrists, with multiple plates riveted over one another and allowing the wearer great mobility. The fingers are wrapped in short bands of steel rings, the pointer and pinkie ending in vicious looking spikes.¬† Once […]

Slapping your Players


As a rule of thumb I’m a kind GM; as I’ve stated previously, I think roleplaying should fundamentally be a positive, empowering experience for the people involved. This motivation comes from a desire to see the storytelling process along and doesn’t force players to invest themselves, it invites them to. Sometimes, though, you should slap […]

The Count’s Carriage

The Count‚Äôs Carriage ¬† ¬† CR 9 XP¬†3,200 CE haunt (10ft. x 70ft. roadway)¬† Caster Level¬†9th Notice¬†Perception DC 25 (to hear the faint neighing of galloping horses) Hp¬†14;¬†Trigger¬†proximity;¬†Reset¬†1 day Effect ¬† ¬† ¬†A sickly florescent green horse-drawn carriage with ghostly tendrils trailing after it hurtles down the forested roadway. The curtains have been drawn and […]

Manifest of Seawaleg


Manifest of Seawaleg Aura¬†moderate transmutation;¬†CL¬†7th Slot¬†none;¬†Price 36,000 gp;¬†Weight 1 lb. Description This small leather-bound book is filled with blank paper but its worn edges and cracked spine make it look as though it were written in every day. The¬†manifest of Seawaleg¬†is a writing pad; inscribe where you want to go and the enchantment inside the […]