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Sangue Malar

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The paranoia and chaos reaches a fevered pitch as midnight nears before Countess Veresovich enacts the final portion of her plan—the large floor of the ballroom suddenly drops out from under the attendees of the masquerade, dumping all of them onto a steep slope that slides each into an unremarkable hewn stone chamber hundreds of […]

Cultus Sanguineus (Part 2: Items Sanguineus)

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Countess Darah Veresovich first heard of the Items Sanguineus while traveling abroad—where none can say (and anyone that might have died long ago). She has since devoted her entire family’s fortune and interests to acquiring the items and has already seen the trio of items lost twice; this time she’s prepared for the contingencies and has riders […]

Cultus Sanguineus — The Sanguine Ball

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Cultus Sanguineus—The Sanguine Ball Either in a previous encounter (from last week’s Sidequest Saturday)—or by chance while in the city of Mohkba—the adventurers acquired an invitation to a masquerade ball and a beautiful mask of diplomacy +1 (actually a mask of thirst). The event is being held on the night after the party’s encounter with the […]

Mask of the Thirst

Mask of Thirst blog-ready

Mask of Thirst Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th Slot eyes; Price 16,810 gp; Weight 0.2lbs DESCRIPTION This ornate half-face masquerade mask is created of the most valuable materials, crafted from finest ebony and laced with fine gold filigree. Androgynous in design, it can be worn by either men or women with equal skill—providing they are […]


BLOOD OF THE NIGHT BRINGS VAMPIRIC ADVENTURE TO THE BEST-SELLING FANTASY ROLEPLAYING GAME PATHFINDER New Player Companion book provides guide to tracking, hunting, and playing the aristocracy of the undead   REDMOND, WA (December 19, 2012): Paizo Publishing® LLC, leading publisher of award-winning fantasy roleplaying games and novels, announces the release of Blood of the Night (MSRP […]