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Practical Traps – Burglar Alarm


Wizards (and those that can pay them) are going to want to use spells and spell effects for practical, mundane purposes. Take the following: Burglar Alarm (CR 4) The windows are dark in this small cottage, it appears unoccupied. Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable DeviceĀ 30 TriggerĀ location; ResetĀ None Effect If the residence is entered, a […]

Traps to Facilitate Success


Sometimes, you use a trap to help your PC’s, giving them a taste of what is ahead. Scorch Marks (CR 2) Opposite the door are scorch marks on the wall. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable DeviceĀ 17 TriggerĀ location; ResetĀ Repair Effect When a character gets within 15′ of the door, a timer starts. If they do […]

Traps which work well with NPCs


Characters think nothing of entering a room with an NPC and just sitting down. So… Spiky Chairs (CR 3) Several armchairs have been placed around the room. They all seem to have overstuffed cushions. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 28; Disable DeviceĀ 16 TriggerĀ Touch; ResetĀ Repair Effect Just under the cushions are several sharp, barbed spikes. Spikes (DC […]

Tension Building Traps


Some traps are obvious and may not be avoidable. In these cases, either it has to be disarmed, or everyone has to figure out a way to get past. This next trap is such a trap. Piano Room (CR 11) Several wires run perpendicular to the doors across the room.Ā  Type: mechanical; Perception DC 31; […]

Modifying Spells to Make Traps


Sometimes, you want a desired effect for a trap that *almost* mimics a spell, but you’d like to make some changes. How do you do this? Let’s look at the following trap.     Semi-Permeable Wall of Force (CR 8) A dark corridor leads south. Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable DeviceĀ – TriggerĀ location; ResetĀ None Effect […]

Porcelain Doorknob

Consider the following trap: Porcelain Doorknob Trap (CR 1) A well-worn porcelain doorknob is in the center of the door. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 17; Disable DeviceĀ 17 TriggerĀ touch; ResetĀ None Effect TheĀ doorknob shatters, leaving sharp edges. Atk +8 melee (1d6 damage) Sadly, this is a trap drawn from personal experience. The doorknob on my office door […]

Trap Inspiration from MMOs

Today we’ll look at the trap below: 180 Degree Teleporter A small, deep chasm is in front of you. It looks like it can be easily jumped. Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable DeviceĀ 30 TriggerĀ location; ResetĀ None Effect There is a teleporter on the far side of the chasm. It immediately teleports the character to the […]