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Trap Tuesday (Duty in Drak’kal): Sewer Gas Trap

sewer gas trapSewer Gas Trap     CR 4

Type mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 21
Trigger proximity; Reset auto
Effect unprotected flame sources are extinguished (no save); targets gain nauseated condition for 1d4 rounds (DC 15 Fortitude save to be only sickened for 1 round); after 1 round open flames explode (1d6 damage in a 15-ft.-radius, DC 15 Reflex save for half damage); causticity (targets take 1d4 acid damage per round in 100-ft.-radius, no save)

Despite recent renovations, the sewers in the Three Sisters are quite old and still contain many hazards. Some of these dangers are obvious and bear murderous intent, but others are innocuous; due to collapsing tunnels and blockages, dangerous fumes build up in pockets of air trapped behind debris or waste. These sewer gas traps can easily be dislodged by a wandering party (or sometimes even from vibrations from above or below). When it hits, a sewer gas trap can extinguish flame, cause explosions, and in some deadly cases, be caustic or toxic. Creatures with the scent ability automatically notice a sewer gas trap.


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Trap Tuesday: Null Trap

Null Trap      CR 5

Type magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29
Trigger proximity; Reset none
Effect target’s Perception check for an associated trap automatically fails (DC 15 Will save negates)

The null trap is layerenull trap AAW-ShahiriPuzzleBox-nocolors-01d on top of another trap. When a target gets close to the trap (usually within 5 ft.-10 ft.), it modifies their memory to believe that they have already searched the item or area and found it to be free of hazards.

The null trap is often paired with hastily prepared devices that may not be hidden very well or are otherwise inelegant—it is a simple yet reliable way to bolster the effectiveness of almost any trap, especially mechanical ones. The null trap has also been known to be employed as the sole protection device, but instead of having the target believe they’ve found no traps, it instead leads a target to believe he has found something so complex and ghastly that it is well beyond their abilities (deterring any attempts at trying to disarm it).

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Trap Tuesday (Forsaken Frontier): Banshee Reeds

banshee reedBanshee Reeds     CR 11

Type magical; Perception DC 35; Disable Device DC 35
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect delayed sonic burst (after 1 round; exhaustion; no save); delayed scorching sirocco (after 2 rounds; 18d6 fire and bludgeoning damage; DC 27 Fortitude halves); delayed disintegrating wail (after 3 rounds; 180 damage; DC 28 Fortitude negates); multiple targets (all targets in a 40-ft.-radius); special (targets with SR 29 or greater are immune)

Constant warfare has left its mark on the plains of the Disputed Territories, some areas soaked in blood so often that the local flora has been mutated into deadly hazards capable of killing men by the score. Sapahualpa reeds that grow on these crimson-painted prairies can soak up the dying energies of so many creatures that they roil with the power of death itself, transformed into dangerous banshee reeds.

Searching the location of an expended banshee reed always reveals a small piece of equipment, bone, or some other effect of a soul killed long ago. While saphualpa reeds are most commonly found in the Rungkung Jungles, their deadly counterparts have spread much further and the borders of each territory in the Forsaken Frontier are littered with banshee reeds. Perhaps the greatest threat a banshee reed poses is how innocuous it seems; the leaves of the plant makes it look very similar to regular sapahualpa reeds, and only when one is close enough to see the petals does the danger become clear.