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Trap Tuesday (Destiny Derailed): Sinkholes

1280px-Sinkhole-col-tn3Sinkholes – CR 7-11

The ice below you cracks and the ground opens up, creating a gaping hole in the ground.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device 34

Trigger location; Reset None


The ice cracks and collapses into the ground. Sinkhole (DC 27 Reflex Save or fall 10d10 feet, taking 1d6 damage per 10 feet fallen. Climbing out requires a DC 25 Climb check); multiple targets (all targets within 30 ft.)

The rate of sinkholes has increased recently due to rapid construction, and mining and drilling for water. Sometimes when a sinkhole opens up, it exposes buried demons which have been frozen in the ice for thousands of years—monsters which may waken. [Tomorrow’s blog covers the role that buried demons play in present day Pradjna, as well as some of the background and lore associated with them. -RT]

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Wonders of NaeraCull: Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock

Eons of lava flow have created layers of igneous rock on the side of Mount Mahangua. In many places this has created treacherous footing where hard to see holes in the rock are surrounded by razor sharp rock edges.

Igneous Rock (CR 1)

The side of the hill is treacherous, as it is mostly formed from igneous rock.

Type: natural; Perception DC 18; Disable Device —

Trigger location; Reset automatic


Lava flow here has made the terrain treacherous and uneven. In a few spots the rocks give way to expose small holes that can trap the foot. Igneous Rock (1d3 damage plus character is entangled and immobilized, DC 17 Reflex Save Avoids, DC 17 Escape Artist or CMD 17 to escape, treat entire area as difficult terrain)

As the adventurers climb Mount Mahangua to reach the top, there are several places where they have to deal with deposits of lava covering the landscape. You can spice this up a bit by forcing the PCs to hurry over the landscape by having minor lava flow eruptions happen during the ascent. If the party is moving faster than normal, raise the initial Reflex save to DC 21. Should they get stuck, the lava deals 1d6 fire damage each round until they are free.



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Wonders of NaeraCull: Super Sap

Super Sap
Super Sap
Super Sap

NaeraCull is full of wonder, adventure, danger, and… inconvenience? Several of the trees in this jungle grow nowhere else in the world. Some are beautiful to behold. Many of the trees excrete a sticky sap; lines of the shiny liquid can be seen running down many of the trees.

Super Sap (CR 2)

Sap runs down the trunk of several trees, pooling into sticky puddles on the ground.

Type: natural; Perception DC 19; Disable Device —

Trigger location; Reset Auto


Several of the trees have a very sticky sap that pools at the base of their trunks, covered by fallen leaves and limbs. When a pool is stepped in, it adheres to whatever it touches, immobilizing the target. Super Sap (DC 18 Reflex Save or become entangled and immobilized, DC 22 Escape Artist or Strength check required to escape); multiple targets (all targets within 10′ of tree)