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Encounter Prelude – Light Bomb


Some traps, on their own, are completely harmless. In order to use them to their full potential, you need to follow them up with an encounter. Light Bomb (CR 4) The tunnel descends into darkness. Type: magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device¬†28 Trigger¬†location; Reset¬†None Effect When the PC’s get about halfway down the corridor, the […]

Dungeon Elements – Fountain


Dungeons and lairs are filled with objects and decorations. Not only should you use these, but make it not obvious. False Life Fountain (CR 5) A small fountain sits in the center of the courtyard. Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device¬†29 Trigger¬†Proximity; Reset¬†None Effect When a PC gets within 10′ of the fountain, the […]

Use Your Environment


Some traps aren’t really traps at all, but are part of the landscape that end up with trap-like effects. For example:           Goblin Privy (CR 2) A small wooden door is set into the wall. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device¬†19 Trigger¬†location; Reset¬†None Effect When a PC opens the door, […]

Traps to Facilitate Success


Sometimes, you use a trap to help your PC’s, giving them a taste of what is ahead. Scorch Marks (CR 2) Opposite the door are scorch marks on the wall. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device¬†17 Trigger¬†location; Reset¬†Repair Effect When a character gets within 15′ of the door, a timer starts. If they do […]

Traps which work well with NPCs


Characters think nothing of entering a room with an NPC and just sitting down. So… Spiky Chairs (CR 3) Several armchairs have been placed around the room. They all seem to have overstuffed cushions. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device¬†16 Trigger¬†Touch; Reset¬†Repair Effect Just under the cushions are several sharp, barbed spikes. Spikes (DC […]

Tension Building Traps


Some traps are obvious and may not be avoidable. In these cases, either it has to be disarmed, or everyone has to figure out a way to get past. This next trap is such a trap. Piano Room (CR 11) Several wires run perpendicular to the doors across the room.¬† Type: mechanical; Perception DC 31; […]

Annoying Traps Using Cantrips


Magical traps do not have to be based on high powered spells, or even spells that cause damage to be disruptive. Creatively used, cantrips can even cause havoc as the below trap illustrates. Message Blast (CR 6) As you walk into the room, you begin to hear whispers, which get louder. Type: magical; Perception DC […]

Modifying Spells to Make Traps


Sometimes, you want a desired effect for a trap that *almost* mimics a spell, but you’d like to make some changes. How do you do this? Let’s look at the following trap.     Semi-Permeable Wall of Force (CR 8) A dark corridor leads south. Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable Device¬†– Trigger¬†location; Reset¬†None Effect […]