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Meet the BASIC-Series Iconics!

Ronius the Fighter, Meeris the Cleric, Kale the Wizard, and Willow the Rogue would like to proudly introduce Ronius the Fighter, Meeris the Cleric, Kale the Wizard, and Willow the Rogue.  These four characters accompany the first adventure in the new BASIC-Series “A Learning Time” by Kevin Mickelson.  Each of the characters are available to play as a pre-generated PC within this adventure, and future BASIC-Series adventure modules.

Kevin Mickelson was the creative mind behind these characters while Adventureaweek artist Tim Tyler brought them to life!

Here’s Kevin to tell you more about the BASIC Iconics:
When I came up with the idea of the new BASIC series, I had a very strong idea for a backdrop that I hope to expand a bit more with each released module, and having a sample of the sort of people who come from such a setting helps to humanize things.

There is also the assumption that a significant portion of the target audience may be getting their first exposure to Pathfinder (and indeed tabletop RPGs!) through this module. Beginning players tend to appreciate some direction, and I wanted to provide some quirky and fun characters that are engaging enough to encourage roleplaying, yet arch-typical enough in personality that a lot of the tropes they represent will be easy to recognize.

These characters are also teenagers who are feeling the weight of expectation, and anyone who has played a team sport can imagine the pressure someone must feel when a slip-up could actually mean the difference between life and death for everyone involved!

Ronius the Fighter – Development Stages, Art by Tim Tyler
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Introducing our in-house artist Tim Tyler

Jonathan: Good afternoon Tim!  Please tell our readers a bit about yourself and what kind of art you love most!

I’m 45 years old and have been drawing professionally for over 30 years (so most of my life has been art centered). I grew up on comics, mostly Marvel books but my tastes have changed since then. My main artistic influences are Jack Kirby, Timothy Truman, George Perez, Berni Wrightson, Joe Mad, Tim Vigil, Mike Grell and lots of others. If I could take over any one Book, it would be either Fantastic Four or Swamp Thing. Those two titles have about everything I enjoy about the medium. 

I love all genres, but especially Fantasy, Science fiction and Horror type things. My style tends to be “old school” which is traditional hands on drawing and inking/coloring, with little or no computer work involved. I like looking at digital style artwork, but I personally enjoy the hands on approach to art. I guess it was what I was raised on. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, early TSR Adventure Modules were what stuck in my head. Those early modules still are what I like to look at to this day. There’s just something magical about them.