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Meta Thursday: Isolate Don’t Incapacitate


While doing my first ever seminar panel at Aethercon [available here! -MM], I stumbled on a great, simplification of a principle that applies equally well to both monster design and game design in general: isolate don’t incapacitate. My favorite example of this is the temporal filcher, specifically the time filch ability. This wonderful grappler snatches […]

Meta Thursday (Uralicans Uncut): Insanity and Psionics

Image_Portfolio_101_Fantasy Jason Walton 07

One the biggest misconceptions within many roleplaying games revolves around insanity; this isn’t to say that it should not have a place in RPGs, or implemented in one particular way, but that generally it is overzealous and harsh in the depiction of high mental states without showing the progression of the actual condition. One might […]

Featured Artists: Jacob Blackmon


We’ve shone the spotlight onto designers before, but artists are just as important here at AdventureAWeek.com and we wanted to show some love for our illustrators! The first on the list is a personal favorite of mine—Jacob Blackmon! [He’s doing the cover for my world, after all! 😀 -MM] If you’re one of the AaWBlog’s […]

Meta Thursday (Macabre Manses): Star Spawn Template

one drive- art- illustratios - please sort me - final-pseudonatural-bw

Star Spawn Template There exist horrors in the universe incomprehensible to man. Sometimes these abominations manifest themselves within other living creatures, warping them into monsters more deadly than their ordinary selves. Creatures of this order are known as star spawn,identifiable only bythe bizarre traits that they possess. It is not uncommon for two statistically identical […]

Meta Thursday (Macabre Manses): Fleshdoll PCs

fleshdoll meta thursday

Crafted from the flesh, blood, and bone of dead corpses, fleshdolls are miniature 1-ft. tall puppets that are animated by unwilling spirits bound with evil necromancy. Products of the fleshdoll stage, the associated curse has a myriad of effects, but none are more noticeable than this unnatural transference into one of these gruesome miniatures. Stitched […]

Weird Wednesday (Macabre Manses): Collected Souls

collected souls 2

Upon entering the Macabre Manse, the PCs trigger the reverse possession effect of the fleshdoll stage. The entire house—including the areas outdoors such as the front porch—are encompassed by the artifact’s area of effect. If the PCs remain in the area of effect for the five minute activation period, they are automatically affected by the […]

Will Myers and AdventureAWeek.com at the Colorado Conclave of Gamers this weekend!

Will Myers

It’s hard to believe that in my roughly 30 years of off-and-on gaming that I’ll be attending my first ever gaming convention on Friday, July 25th: the third annual Conclave of Gamers at the DIA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been to other conventions before, but never to a gaming convention, and though […]

AdventureAWeek.com and the ENnies!


We are enormously excited about AdventureAWeek.com’s nominations for two ENnies this year! It is a huge honor to be up for even one of these prestigious awards, and we are humbled to be counted alongside greats of the RPG industry like Paizo, Green Ronin, and Kobold Press. Rise of the Drow is nominated for Best Adventure and the AaWBlog is up for Best Blog; […]

The Iron Atlas Kickstarter – Revolutionizing Tabletop RPGs!


IRON ATLAS: A Digital Forge for Your Roleplaying Games Lifeform Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter for new a mobile app called IRON ATLAS. It’s a “Digital Miniatures System” designed for the iPad to serve as an alternative to physical maps and miniatures for roleplaying games. IRON ATLAS takes many of the elements seen in traditional, PC-based […]

Tribal Troubles: K’naghi Savanna

The K’naghi Savanna Located on the northern edges of the Alimpulosa, the savanna surrounds the region’s most notable landmark—the Pinnacle Stone. An unusual oasis of life in the midst of an otherwise harsh desert, the savanna covers barely a square mile in surface area and its borders are very nearly circular shaped with the great […]

Mike Myler on the Defective Geeks Podcast!

defective geeks

This week I was a guest on the Defective Geeks podcast, with wonderful hosts Giselle (Gizzy B) and Dianne (the Space Pirate Queen)! We talked about tabletop gaming, getting into freelancing for RPGs, the imminent Underworld Classes & Races product line, Rise of the Drow, the upcoming Snow White Kickstarter and much, much more! Hear about the […]

Mischievous Meadows – Part 2

This month the AaWBlog has been pretty tricky with Mischievous Meadows, but it’s finally ready to reveal what all is going on in the otherwise idyllic groves and hills. The P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. are a truly mysterious group that span the world, carrying on in different concentrations of members but pervading virtually every settlement in Aventyr in […]

Mischievous Meadows: Part 1


  This month on the AaWBlog the theme is Mischievous Meadows—comedy, humor, and pranks are the word of the day! One night during a rest as the PCs travel across the realm, they’re robbed by little creatures that abscond into the woods! Following their trail the party is ambushed by the monsters—biddlywinks—and it seems they’re well […]