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Medieval & Steampunk Fashion

This season retro-medieval fantasy apparel is the in fashion for nerds around the globe. Check out these amazing creations by Ukrainian leather-working artist Bob Basset.

If you thought backpacks weren’t enough, you are correct my friend.  Here are some more interesting creations by Bob Basset.

If you want to order any of the custom works shown above please visit Bob Basset and email him.  He only does custom orders so expect to spend a bit, but you will be the only one in the world with a mask, backpack, or shoes that are completely unique and designed to your specifications!  Here’s his site:

For the armor, weapons, accessories, or clothing shown above visit

Even if you can’t afford any of these interesting custom outfits we hope you at least found this article entertaining.  While working on compiling all these photos my wife happened to be watching over my shoulder.  Although not as interested in medieval history as I, she now wants one of these dresses!  I guess I’ve got my holiday shopping cut out for me!