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Weird Wednesday (Destiny Derailed): Wereguten Curse


Wereguten Curse ¬† ¬† CR¬†5 XP¬†1,600 CE persistent haunt¬†(random broadsheets from the fortunetelling press¬†[2% chance]) Caster¬†Level¬†5th Notice Perception DC 30¬†(to catch the peripheral aura of transmutation magic) hp¬†22; Trigger¬†reading the article about turning into a wereguten; Reset 1¬†week Effect When this haunt is triggered,¬†the reader of the Steamtown Herald broadsheet must make a DC 17 […]

Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): Goblin Rocket Car


The party has¬†a newspaper from the future, salvaged from the train wreck they discovered last week. Whether or not they act on the foreboding article within it¬†, an PNE employee approaches the party and shows them the paper. ¬†The company man shows the adventurers¬†an article on page 3, which has a picture of the group […]

Fiction Friday (Destiny Derailed): First Milestone


STEAMTOWN – PRADJNA¬† Borys never thought they’d make it. Despite blizzards, demons, unruly orcs and goblins, murderers and thieves, sinkholes, scavengers, accidents, route changes, and a turnover in company management, the Pradjna Northern Express Railroad has finally reached its first milestone. One hundred fresh miles of track lead out of Brahman, headed towards the mineral-rich […]

Story Locale (Destiny Derailed): Steamtown


There’s only one law in Steamtown, and that’s the company. They have only one rule‚ÄĒkeep working. Now 100 miles away from Branham, Steamtown is a temporary, mobile town that provides living quarters, goods, and services for approximately 900 workers of the Pradjna Northern Express Railroad. Along with the laborers, there are approximately another 100 residents […]