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Snow White coming soon to Kickstarter!

Snow White: For Players, GMs, and Everyone

Snow White web adIt’s been about a year since I joined the crew; Jonathan G. Nelson brought me into the fold not long after the Rise of the Drow Kickstarter had finished funding and the real work to make it to press began. There’s another recent article about Snow White that touches on this, but I’d be reticent not to declare that we are very excited about bringing a second high-quality hardcover book to the marketplace.

We have all grown as writers (and editors!), our expectations for the material of our peers have increased, and most importantly, we’ve had that first foray into the process of publishing a premium product. We have become familiar with and know everyone involved at all stages of the book, from they keyboard to the distributors, and our plans reflect that wisdom—Rise of the Drow has forged AdventureAWeek into an adamantine blade!

Speaking of sharpened teeth, the list of designers and authors involved with Snow White matches and exceeds our previous forays with celebrity contributors. I already had the pleasure of working directly with Owen K.C. Stephens and Christina Stiles, but Wolfgang Baur now as well? Sometimes I’m not sure if this is the fairy tale!

What we’re doing with Snow White is groundbreaking and unlike any other instance of the story you know; no film or other adaptation got as deep into the true roots of the Hessian folktale as Jonathan G. Nelson and Stephen Yeardley have. The book isn’t just for Pathfinder players either, nor is it just for gamers—it’s the kind of thing you’ll simply want to have. It is going to be bleeding cool and it launches NEXT WEEK!

Do not miss out on this project; we won’t have any fairy tales about extra copies suddenly appearing!


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Snow White Kickstarter – Coming in June!

The Rise of the Drow books (check out the video!) are on the way and we’re ramping up to launch our next big book: a premium quality, masterfully illustrated, professional grade, macabre adventure of the most devious variety—an authentic, innovative re-working of the classic fairy tale Snow White. Just as soon as those wonderful Rise of the Drow books are shipped out, we’re giving that iconic story the ultimate RPG makeover.

SNOW WHITE PART 2Easily among’s finest products, it was reviewed by Endzeitgeist and earned a spot in the top ten of 2013! The plethora of talented designers, incredible illustrators, and industry celebrities involved in the Snow White Kickstarter is staggering and in June (because it is launching next month!) as stretch goals are met, you’re going to see some impressive names showing up! Myriad plans are in motion (including some of that Wolfgang Baur magic!) and there’s an amazing array of high quality content in the Snow White Kickstarter, sure to knock your socks off.

You don’t want to be late to this party either! There’s a few (a few) early bird spots for folks that pledge right away (we know our fans, and they know us—get in early folks!) Be ready this weekend, and join the Snow White Kickstarter when it launches to secure your copy of the book! To get some more of the lowdown on the Snow White Kickstarter you can head over to or A Sword for right now, but next month we’re going to have another interview with the wonderful ladies at Defective Geeks, and are working out a few others in the meanwhile.

Keep your eyes peeled and ready for the official launch next month, and if you aren’t sold by our pitch on the Snow White Kickstarter page, we’ll convince you as the project funding period continues!

Thank you to all the wonderful folks who supported Rise of the Drow—we’ll see you on Sunday and until then, here’s the Snow White Kickstarter Facebook page to keep you occupied!




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Snow White: A New Adventure Based on an Old Tale


Our newest adventure, was inspired by the old Hessian folk tale of Snow White with ideas from the Bavarian fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

There are many fairy tale-type elements within this adventure, some of which may surprise the players; grotesque caricatures, over-the-top histrionics, pantomime villains and even the odd clue of an “It’s behind you!” nature. This is intentional, as the adventure is as much designed to bring a smile to the faces of players as they realise what they are going through and test their ingenuity in a fairy tale setting, with its anomalies and unlikelihoods – I mean, seven dwarves living in a cabin together? Imagine the mess! For those of you with long memories, we took part of our inspiration for this adventure from Dungeonland  (EX1) and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, (EX2) both released 30 years ago exactly in 1983.

So with that in mind, and notwithstanding that fairy tales are indeed grim, deadly places to live out your life, remember that there are unlikely twists and turns, outrageous liberties taken, and scenery-chewing heroes and villains. Encourage your players to behave accordingly, reward roleplaying of this nature even, and maybe, just maybe, allow them to succeed at something spectacular – hey, slowing your fall after jumping from the minstrels’ gallery by thrusting a dagger in a heraldic banner is just the kind of thing a gallant adventurer SHOULD be attempting.

And in a similar vein to the two EX modules, perhaps this adventure is all in the mind; a group of PCs suddenly assigned to important guard duty might just have a collective sleepless night, with vivid dreams and disturbing visions of what might pass. Perhaps none of this ever happens, but could, just could…

This adventure is currently only available to Adventure-A-Week subscribers.  To snag yourself a subscription click here.