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Sidequest Saturday (Macabre Manses): Welcome to the Show

macabre manses map

If leading into this week’s sidequest from “Finding the Macabre Manses” the PCs should be at least vaguely aware that someone (or something) has ushered them to their current locale. While the exact entity behind the strange events in the forest remains unknown, a DC 30 Knowledge (religion) check raises suspicion that some element of […]

Cultus Sanguineus — The Sanguine Ball

sanguine ball proper - a bit of story

Cultus Sanguineus—The Sanguine Ball Either in a previous encounter (from last week’s Sidequest Saturday)—or by chance while in the city of Mohkba—the adventurers acquired an invitation to a masquerade ball and a beautiful mask of diplomacy +1 (actually a mask of thirst). The event is being held on the night after the party’s encounter with the […]

Cultus Sanguineus – A Chase in Mohkba!

Mohkba Alleyway

Synopsis Count Krev Ragata rushes through the narrow streets in one of the less wealthy areas of Mohkba having just met with several different black market merchants and keen to quickly reach his next destination. Ne’er-do-wells in the city have something else in mind, however, and a group of them ambush the noble directly in […]