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A Viking Adventure Kickstarter: Into the Wintery Gale


AdventureAWeek.com is¬†known¬†for amazing adventure modules that captivate PCs and give GMs an epic saga within which to tell their own tales of heroism, redemption, or whatever it is they’re about. Most of these are extremely¬†collaborative works and while many innovations and wonderful encounters are designed in this fashion, it’s extremely rare‚ÄĒalmost unheard of!‚ÄĒfor a single […]

Snow White Kickstarter – Coming in June!


The Rise of the Drow¬†books (check¬†out¬†the video!) are on the way and we’re ramping up to launch our¬†next big book:¬†a premium quality, masterfully illustrated,¬†professional grade, macabre adventure of the most devious variety‚ÄĒan authentic, innovative re-working of the classic fairy tale¬†Snow White. Just as soon as those wonderful¬†Rise of the Drow¬†books are shipped out, we’re giving […]