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Foul Machinations: Destiny Derailed (Part 1)

AaWBlog!Destiny Derailed began in the far off Disputed Territories with a strange article featuring a photograph of the PCs, alongside a headline announcing their recent demise!

Traveling to the remote frontier tundra in Pradja, the PCs find gaining entrance into the settlement in question, Steamtown, a little more difficult than anticipated. Their arrival is resisted by workers that regularly contend with the harsh landscape, dangerous railroad spikes (of both mundane and unnatural), surprise sinkholes,  strange enchantments on the tundra, and unforgiving policies of the entity that drives the railed city forward: the PNE Railroad.

Some of the laborers have been driven too far, preparing a means to truly punish their oppressive employers. The local constable and master of Steamtown, Borys the Timerian, hires the adventurers to investigate a missing box car. When the PCs find it, the transport is hurtling down the rails, filled with fiendish rust mite swarms that threaten the stability of the railway as well as the settlement! Meanwhile they might find it difficult to fight the orcs guarding the rocket car, perhaps haunted by a fickle spirit that’s been hiding in the flagons of Steamtown.

The adventurers finally get a look at the mysterious fortunetelling press that has been spitting out auguries—some of which are chillingly accurate. What will they foretell for this coming week of Destiny Derailed?

A worker’s strike, perhaps?
Tune into the AaWBlog tomorrow to find out!

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Statblock Sunday (Destiny Derailed): Fiendish Rust Mite Swarm

Rust_and_dirtA rust colored cloud of dust slowly rolls towards you. As it gets nearer, you notice it is made up of thousands of tiny insects.

XP 1,600
N Fine magical vermin (swarm)
Init +2; Senses scent metals 90 ft

AC 20, touch 20, flat-footed 18 (+8 size, +2 Dex)
hp 49 (11d8)
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +3
Immune swarm traits; Immune weapon damage

Speed Fly 30 ft.
Special Attacks quick rust, distraction (DC 15)

During Combat The fiendish rust mite swarm heads toward the nearest metal object.

Str 1, Dex 15, Con 10, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 2
Base Atk +8; CMB -; CMD –
Skills Fly +12

Quick Rust (Ex) Any metal object in the swarm is destroyed. Masterwork and magic items get a DC 17 Reflex save or gain the broken condition. If they fail a second save, they are destroyed. The save is Dexterity based.

squareIt is thought that the demons which originally came to Pradjna brought these mites with them to aid in the extraction of frozen ore, but they, like the other fell creatures, became trapped in the frozen tundra. Occasionally, a fiendish rust mite swarm is released and creates havoc until it is destroyed.


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