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Paizo announces release of NPC Codex for Pathfinder RPG

Paizo Publishing®, leading publisher of award-winning fantasy roleplaying games and novels, announces the release of NPC Codex for the Pathfinder ® Roleplaying Game (RPG), in-stores now! NPC Codex is a 320-page, hardcover, must-have rules reference for the Pathfinder RPG. It contains more than 250 fully detailed non-player characters (NPCs) ready for instant insertion into your […]

Review: The Zobeck Gazetteer

Zobeck Gazetteer

A FIVE BOG TROLL HEAD RATING! A tour through the Free City of Zobeck, presented for both alumni of this setting, and fresh faces to its streets. Published by the crew over at Open Design, known for the well received Kobold Quarterly, this gazetteer marks the beginning of the efforts to bring Zobeck from 3e […]

Map of Kingdoms

Todd has updated the map and added the country of NaeraCull.  NaeraCull and Pradjna are not available to choose as your primary country.  You may however choose to assist Todd in his development of Pradjna as he will need some assistance with statistical information and editing as he builds his part of the world.  You […]