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Pickpocket Grass (CR 6)

This patch of the meadow is filled with tall, dry grass.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger location; Reset None


When walking through the grass, there is a 20% chance each round that the grass wraps itself around a PC’s item and steals it. It targets items that are carried and not held, like potions, coins, tools, wands, etc. When the grass attempts to pickpocket, it can be spotted with an opposed Perception check vs. Sleight of Hand at +14. Making this Perception check grants the PC a +10 circumstance bonus to the DC 25 Reflex save to avoid being pick pocketed. If the Perception check is failed by 5 or more, the Reflex save to avoid being pick pocketed automatically fails and the PC notices the theft after 1d4 rounds. If the Perception check is failed by 10 or more, the PC does not notice the theft at all.

Stolen items will appear and can be recovered in this Saturday’s Sidequest: Shotgun Wedding!

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Wilderness Traps – Goblin Rocket Snare

Rocket Snare - GoblinThe great outdoors is a perfect place to place traps. Whether you place the trap just outside your dungeon or somewhere on the road, wilderness traps will often take the party by surprise. Consider the following:

Goblin Rocket Snare (CR 4)

Description: When the trap is triggered, a snare tightens around the character’s ankle as a small rocket fires. The rocket drags the character for 100 feet across the countryside.

Player Description: Piles of fallen leaves obscure patches of the ground.

Trap Description: A wisp of smoke curls up from the leaves as a rope ensnares your foot.

Type mechanical; Perception 22; Disable Device 18

Trigger location; Reset none

Effect: Rocket Snare Attack
(6d6 damage + target is dragged 100ft, DC 21 Reflex Save Negates)

This type of trap can serve several purposes.  It can be a wake up call, smack in the face kind of trap that will keep the adventurers on their toes, especially if they aren’t being cautious enough while exploring the wilderness.  If anything, their characters will probably set a double watch next time!

You can also use it to set up an encounter or lead the party to the next section of an adventure. Having this trap go off just before a goblin attack can make what would otherwise be an ordinary run-of-the-mill encounter into something very exciting; a member of the party is now injured and separated from the group, with enemy combatants between her and her comrades!

After the character is dragged 100 feet, she could find a cave, a hidden temple entrance, treasure, or even a clue. Using it in this way removes the drudgery of having the characters search and miss perception checks, etc. Since it was sudden and violent, it probably won’t even feel contrived, especially if you combine it with an encounter.

In the coming weeks, there will be more wilderness traps posted. In the meantime, open up the outdoors. Turn those otherwise boring treks into memorable events.