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Traps which work well with NPCs


Characters think nothing of entering a room with an NPC and just sitting down. So… Spiky Chairs (CR 3) Several armchairs have been placed around the room. They all seem to have overstuffed cushions. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device¬†16 Trigger¬†Touch; Reset¬†Repair Effect Just under the cushions are several sharp, barbed spikes. Spikes (DC […]

TPK Games’ Infamous Adversary-line (Slogar, Cytheria, Ichor, Temerlyth, Raxath’Viz, Ischadra)

  Not all too long ago, TPK Games joined the fray of 3pps and have since evolved into quite an interesting publisher focused on dark themes. Their growth can easily be seen when taking a look at their Infamous Adversary-line, which kicks off with a free one,   Infamous Adversaries: Slogar the Uncaring ¬† This […]