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New Monster: Planar Pariah


Looming before you is a massive spine-tailed horror, vaguely serpentine in shape. A nest of lashing tentacles replaces the monster’s head, accompanied by massive horns, a tiny circular maw and one terrible eye in its chest. Planar Pariah CR 18 XP 153,600 NE Huge outsider (evil, native) Init¬†+6;¬†Senses¬†darkvision 60ft, low-light vision, True Seeing;¬†Perception¬†+24, Aura¬†Mark of […]

Pathways Magazine and Adventureaweek join forces!

Pathways Magazine¬†has joined forces with Adventureaweek! A new featured AaW article will appear in Pathways each month written by AaW team members Will Myers, Nathan Land, and Cory Vickruck. ¬†It’s free so¬†pick up your copy now at Paizo.com! How can you say “No” to a collection of Pathfinder haunts and templates, high-level foes and minor […]