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Adventurer’s Weekly – The Party (part 2 and a bid farewell)


Tekkittir (NG Female half-orc barbarian) is a towering warrior that eschews regular weapons in favor of an uprooted tree‚ÄĒshe likes the sounds the leaves make right before she smashes something. She is, however, a bit odd in the head; Tekkittir insists on speaking in third person and doesn‚Äôt often realize when she‚Äôs being insulted, turned […]


Adventurer's Weekly #5 - Panel 2

We are posting early because the¬†Into the Wintery Gale¬†Kickstarter ENDS TODAY! Pledge now before this project’s funding period ends! For $15 you get a digital PDF of the epic viking adventure (with optional sidequests, taking PCs from levels 8 though 13!), the bestiary, the magic item compendium, 5 mini-dungeons, the encounter deck, the player’s guide, […]


Adventurer's Weekly #3 - panel two

Adventurer’s Weekly #3: Perform Check Characters by Mike Myler Illustrations by Nathanael Batchelor Have you backed the¬†Into the Wintery Gale Kickstarter yet? It launched and funded yesterday, and right now it’s over 150% past the initial goal! Help us unlock more stretch goals and see just how far Justin Andrew Mason’s epic viking adventures can […]


Adventurer's Weekly # 1 - P3

Adventurer’s Weekly #1 – Walkers!   Created by Mike Myler | Illustrated by Nathanael Batchelor Welcome to the first issue of Adventurer’s Weekly! Everyone at the AaWBlog is¬†thrilled to add Nathanael Batchelor to our team as a¬†regular artist and we simply cannot wait for¬†Adventurer’s Weekly to help guide readers through the second AaWBlog Adventure Path […]