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Biddlywink Barrage!

biddlywink barrageTracking after the enchanted items stolen from them the night before, the PCs unknowingly walk into a grove of biddlytrees and are attacked by a swarm of the magic consuming creatures!

The biddlywinks don’t actually pose that great of a threat to the PCs; the real danger is the loss of magic items and what awaits parties that remain in the area for too long. The adventurers aren’t the first to be lured into this trap and the corpses of a few wayward explorers fall from the trees! Read the following as combat begins:

As several more of the creatures leap from the brush and attack you, the probiscii from their mouths frothing with agitation, the bones and tattered remains of bodies in various states of decay fall from the branches above and scatter among the grove!


CN Diminutive fey
Init +9; Senses darkvision 120 ft., arcane sight, see invisibility; Perception+12
AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 14 (+4 Dex, +4 size)
hp 38 (7d6+14)
Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +8
Weakness silver, vermin qualities
Speed fly 60 ft. (perfect) or 40 ft. (see text)
Melee force fronds +11 (1d8+3 force)
Ranged +11
Space 0 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks force fronds
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 7th; concentration +10)
arcane sight, nondetection, see invisibility
     At will—glitterdust, mage hand
     5/day—dimension door
Str 6, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 16
Base Atk +3; CMB -2; CMD 13
Feats Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand), Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Skills Escape Artist +14, Fly +15, Perception +12, Sense Motive +11, Sleight of Hand +17, Stealth +26, Survival +12; Size Modifiers Fly +6, Stealth +12
Languages Druidic
SQ Freeze, hide in plain sight
Interdimensional Sac (Su) While biddlywink can (and often do) consume enchanted items as quickly as possible, they also store them to digest later in an invisible extradimensional sac not unlike a handy haversack or bag of holding, but only capable of storing up to 30 pounds. When a biddlywink is killed, the sac appears on the material plane and bursts open dealing 3d8 force damage (DC 20 Reflex negates) to any creatures or items in a 10-ft. radius (though not to anything within it).
Force Fronds (Ex) The tendrils extending from a biddlywink’s mouth can be devastating when employed to attack a creature. On a successful melee touch attack, they deal 1d8+3 force damage.
Light Flier (Ex) When a biddlywink’s interdimensional sac is holding at least 2½ lbs. of items or a number of caster levels worth of items equal to twice the biddlywink’s hit die, it cannot maintain a sustained flight. Its speed is reduced and it moves in long bounds and hops that don’t exceed 5 feet in height or 10 feet in length—the biddlywink effectively now has a base speed of 40 feet until items in its Interdimensional Sac are digested.
Ranged Legerdemain (Su) A biddlywink can use Sleight of Hand at a range of 30 feet. Working at a distance increases the normal skill check DC by 5, and the biddlywink cannot take 10 on this check. Only object that weigh 5 pounds or less can be manipulated this way.
Wyrd Digestion (Su) These strange insectile-fey literally eat magic to survive. As a standard action, a biddlywink can ingest a magical item of Diminutive size or smaller. As a full round action, it can consume a magical item of Tiny size and over the course of a minute (ten rounds), a Small size magical item.
Once eaten by a biddlywink, an item is not instantly destroyed—instead it is secreted inside of its Interdimensional Sac. Potions are digested quickly within and are destroyed after a number of rounds equal to caster level. Wondrous items are more resilient and last for a number of minutes equal to caster level; any other enchanted items (rings, staves, weapons, armor) are destroyed after ten minutes per caster level.
Any item recovered from a biddlywink’s interdimensional sac before it is fully digested operates at two caster levels higher than normal for one week. The first time it is stored in an extradimensional space, it remains empowered this way until removed again (though afterward, the increased power diminishes and it returns to normal).
Biddlywink that consume enough magic items (1000 gp x hit die) transform into a biddlytree and sprout 2d12+4 biddlywinks with the young template after 1d10 days.
Weaknesses Biddlywink are vulnerable to silver and take x1.5 damage from all attacks made with the material (by spell or weapon). Moreover, whenever being treated as a vermin would prove negative for the biddlywink, such as when fighting an opponent with favored enemy (vermin), they are treated as the vermin type.

biddlywink barrage 2This battle shouldn’t be too dangerous; the biddlywinks put up a genuine assault but won’t be much of a problem for the PCs. Only 7 engage directly while 3 more attempt to pilfer more enchanted goods from the party.

When the combat begins to near a close, the troublesome creatures take to the woods and the adventurers are likely to give chase. Following the trail of the insectile fey is a simple task—it seems as though their flight is a reckless retreat, but in truth, the biddlywinks are only drawing the PCs farther into their trap.

After chasing the mischievous monsters about 100 feet farther into the woods, give the PCs DC 25 Perception checks to realize that their magic items or active spells (if they lack obvious effects, such as fly or an activate +1 flaming scimitar) have suddenly stopped functioning. Immediately afterward, the trees literally comes alive and attack them!

Chasing after the troublesome creatures you dash deeper into the forest, hot on the trail of the magic-eating insects. Suddenly something in the air seems to take on a strange quality and before you know any better, a truly exotic tree appears from the treeline, moving towards you with a clear malevolence!

Find out just what attacks the adventurer’s in tomorrow’s Statblock Sunday!

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Leahcim the Prankster and Mischievous Meadows

Titles: The Clever Shadow
Symbol: Spinning 8-faceted gem
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Chance, Guile, Illusion, Misfortune, Self-Determination, Thieves
Domains: Chaos, Entropy, Deception, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapons: Scimitar, Shortbow
Favored Animals Any beast with camouflage or mimicry (such as a chameleon, stick bug, etc)


The Aventyr god known as Leahcim was once a forgotten deity, supplanted by the doings of the colloid aeons before it ever reached the Underworld. Once a treasured god of cunning and wisdom, he was left bereft in the void of the cosmos—when Leahcim stared into the void, something from the far beyond stared back. Now slightly deranged and without an identity, the god capered throughout the universe with a will and desire at the whim of his growing insanity.Image_Portfolio_107_Fantasy Jason Walton 61

Eventually the divine energies wrought on Aventyr during the Forging of the Dvergr caught Leahcim’s attentions, drawing him to the periphery of the world to witness the rise of the progenitors and their subsequent fall into the draaki. It was the elven deities, however, that most interested the god of chance—over hundreds of years, he subtly infiltrated their pantheon and species, attributing fanatical devotees in the very flesh before spreading them across both Upper- and Underworld. He appeared inexplicably among the elven pantheon, fully adopting the drow form and gathering followers both before and after their exodus from Edhellond.

The most famous of these followers is Hivaka, the Saviour of the Masses. Leahcim took notice when she and her fellow slaves took flight from Xdot. He imparted the aspiring dark elf with some of his divine essence, forever transforming her into a demigoddess.

Leahcim continues to take an active (albeit underhanded) role in the continued existence of the drow. He travels through the Underworld, briefly touching the souls of dark elves and morphing their alignments towards chaos, neutrality or even goodness if it suits his mood. The lone raider D’thul, a cannibalistic sorcerer-barbarian in the Fungi Forest near Holoth, is one such drow. Those on the surface often see their lives subtly influenced by the trickster god, and Leahcim leads them to roles of dubious natures and unexpected rewards.


Leahcim takes delight in angering the other drow gods at every opportunity; his followers may substitute Leahcim as the required deity for any item, class, feat or spell that has a drow deity requirement, and may select the Drow domain if they have access to domains. Moreover, he often creates his own agents of change—players that wish to play a drow of good alignment in a place that would otherwise prohibit that choice may choose Leahcim as their deity to avoid that.

maybe leahcim 2The trickster god has numerous guises but he most commonly appears as an affably dressed male half-drow with an alluring grin and piercing blue eyes. Leahcim’s clothing is generally fashionable and appropriate for the environment, though it is always slightly tattered and seemingly in a state of disrepair. He casually saunters seemingly without a care in the world, a scimitar on his side and black-lacquered shortbow across his back.
Shrines to the Trickster

Leahcim doesn’t have proper churches—effigies and the like are hidden in plain sight or are places of secret pilgrimage. These shrines are often made to look like they belong to other deities, and only show their true forms when the correct prayers are uttered. Followers that fail a DC 28 Knowledge (religion) check find their god distempered with them after praying at one of these shrines, though they remain unsure as to why (regardless of any divination spells they cast).
Holy Text

Leahcim’s Lexicon is a treasured tome among thieves’ guilds, hidden drow enclaves and the trickster god’s followers. These books appear as unremarkable journals of unremarkable lives to followers of other deities (DC 26 Will save to negate) but in the hands of a devoted acolyte, provides a means to learn any rogue trick, illusion spell, or access to knowledge of prestige classes that require sneak attack as a prerequisite.

The prankster god may or may not play a direct part in Mischievous Meadows,but his followers (knowingly or not) are central to this month’s theme on the AaWBlog! Leahcim is known to sometimes take a hand in the affairs of mortals (normally from afar and rarely in person) and ensure that on occasion, even the most improbable plans bear fruit.

As the story progresses his blessings to aid his agents; once per encounter, any of the mischievous NPCs may reroll a natural 1 (they must take the result of the second roll). 

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WHAT?!?! – 4 Tips on Managing Player Frustration

Image_Portfolio_101_Fantasy Jason Walton 10Mischievous Meadows is about magical items; the adventurers are going to temporarily and sometimes permanently lose many of their treasured goods! In most games, these are essential resources for the PCs and a group may be less than pleased when their potions, wondrous items, rings and the like are pilfered away from them.

Sometimes however, the story calls for players to be denied of resources!
Naturally, this is going to upset some folks and any GM may find the response to one of these game sessions to be less than encouraging.

1. Temporary Compensation
As in the case of the biddlywink, the GM can dole back some of the resources removed and when doing so, give them some oomph to compensate for the loss. It’s a bit of an admission on your part but it’ll net some interest by making it clear that this isn’t a simple theft of resources, it has a greater purpose.

dragon-art-22. Intrinsic Rewards
Speaking of a greater purpose, let’s talk about expendable resources. This is essentially a trade-off: resources of one kind (typically gold) for greater access to other resources (experience). In some cases this can be very general, like potions but there are also the specific ones: arrows of slaying come to mind. This is a valid example to mention if a group throws up their arms—point out the precedent if things get too uppity.

3. Complementary Elements
Hide something that can be used to craft a stronger suit of armor in the corpse of the invisible, giant, advanced rust monster that ate away some +2 full-plate. After felling the biddlywink tree, maybe the adventurers find arcane components which can be used to craft a ring of protection that allows the creator to treat their caster level as four levels higher to get back the one the original biddlywink ate! Perhaps the knowledge garnered from their bizarre biological processes grants insight into a new spell or access to a disparate prestige class?
At its heart this is another resource trade, and the GM should be innovative in how they implement it.

4. Call Rank
The GM is also the ultimate arbiter of the story, and somsorcereretimes it doesn’t hurt to remind folks of that. If the group is getting really upset about being taken for a bit of a ride, assure them that you’re not just randomly stealing from them; greater things are in store for those with faith.

Do you have a contribution or idea for Meta Thursdays?  Send us your ideas (after reading the submission guidelines) to submit(at) with “Meta Thursday” in the subject line!

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Awkward Hands

Awkward HandsAwkward Hands     CR 7
XP 3,200
CN persistent haunt (40 ft. by 40 ft. copse of trees)
Caster Level 7th
Notice Perception DC 28 (to feel enveloped by slothful clumsiness)
hp 31; Trigger proximity (nearing the thief’s impromptu grave); Reset 1 day
Effect     When this haunt is triggered, the spirit of an unlikely and poorly skilled thief passes on the curse that plagued him his entire life. Its ghost manifests subtly, washing over one creature per round and forcing them to make a DC 20 Will save. Failure on this save makes the target clumsy, suffering a -4 penalty to Dexterity; they also treat both their hands as off-hands (if they have two-weapon fighting, only one is treated this way) and must spend a standard action to pull anything from their pack for the next seven days. Every day upon waking, the haunted creature is given another Will save to resist the effects of the haunt but the magic persists every day until the week ends or the haunt is destroyed.

Destruction     The bones of the clumsy thief must be retrieved from under the dirt, a tricky proposition at best. Handling them properly requires DC 15 Dexterity checks and the remains must have three consecutive cat’s grace cast upon them, and they bounce to avoid the magic (treat their effective touch AC as 15).

Adventure Hook     The wardens and scouts that travel through the region haven’t yet detected the haunt, and only recently learned of its effects—several of their number died from the haunting clumsiness and it’s been declared as a place to avoid until they have the resources to research that area of the territory. 


Do you have a chilling idea for a haunt or cursed item? Send it along to us at submit (at), but please, bear the following in mind before you submit anything for review:

1. Anyone can submit an entry.
2. One entry per person at any one time. An entry must be your own work, not being published previously or considered by any other publisher, and it must original and not infringe upon copyrighted material.
3. All entries become property of, LLP.
4. By submitting an entry you authorize the use of your name and likeness without additional compensation for promotion and advertising purposes in all media.
5., LLP reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this endeavor at any time without prior notice.
6. All decisions of, LLP and their arbiters are final.
7. There is no compensation provided – any entries are given freely by their creators for use by, LLP in perpetuity.
8. Your statblock must be properly formatted (compare to similar content on the AaWBlog for correct formatting).


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Fey Mister (CR 6)


Something is moving, just out of your vision… Is that a cloud of mist?

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger location; Reset None


A Fey Mister is a device that is partly in this world, and partly in the Fey Realms. It darts around, and sprays a fine mist on unsuspecting interlopers when they wander into someplace that the fey denizens would prefer them not to be. When sprayed, PCs end up partly in the Fey Realms. They will see and hear Fey Realm Ghost images, and even have slight physical interaction. This translates into sensory and other penalties. Fey Mister (DC 22 Will Save or become entwined in the Fey Realms for 9 hours; multiple targets(all targets in a 30′ cone).
While entwined in the Fey Realms, the PC sees and hears transient images from the Fey Realms. This gives the PC a -4 to all Perception based skill checks. Some of the images from the Fey Realms also materialize. This makes all terrain difficult terrain for the duration of the effect. If the PC takes more than one move action per round, they must make a DC 15 Acrobatics check for each movement or be limited to a 5-foot step. If this check fails by 5 or more, the PC does not move and falls prone.
During combat, there is a 20% chance that a successful melee attack strikes an obstacle from the Fey Realms and misses its intended target entirely. For ranged combat, treat the target as if they had cover (+4 AC/+2 Reflex). If the Perception check to locate the trap fails by 5 or more, the mist is not seen; all other characters in the area must make the listed Perception check to notice the mist, which lingers and remains active for 1d4-1 rounds.

If any PCs are affected by the mist, you can play up the environment. Describe fleeting images that appear in their peripheral vision, and vanish when they look at them. Explain that every now and then, they step in an invisible hole or brush against something that is not there when they look a second time. You can make it sound to the PCs as if they have entered a haunted area.

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Anti-Vermin Powder

butterfly-fairies-5Anti-Vermin Powder
Aura moderate abjuration; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 700 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This heavy white powder weighs considerably more than one might expect. When uncorked it emanates a harsh, overpowering odor that makes the air around it taste just a little bit like copper.

The enchanted dust in this flask has two properties. It may be used to duplicate the effects of the repel vermin spell for 2 and a half hours; these must be in half hour increments, but also keeps away any fey of Tiny size or smaller. Each time anti-vermin powder is used this way it consumes one use.
Alternatively it may be thrown as a splash weapon that deals 1d4+1 points of damage per available use to any fey of Tiny size or smaller or vermin hit by the flask of anti-vermin powder. This consumes all the remaining uses of anti-vermin powder.
Flasks of anti-vermin powder initially contain five uses of the magical powder.

Success on a Knowledge (nature) check to learn more about anti-vermin powder reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     The origins of anti-vermin powder aren’t well known but its use is ubiquitous in the stocks of purveyors that deal in enchanted goods as well as the finest quality gourmet restaurants.
DC 20     Druids find this unique magical dust to be an abomination, but it isn’t unknown for some to allow its use on their lands when blights of vermin overcome a territory.
DC 25     A capricious fey by the name of Xyvzian was the first to introduce anti-vermin powder to the world at large. The creature’s reasons are still a matter of debate to this day, but remain unknown to most.
DC 30     One group is supposedly solely responsible for the distribution of the enchanted powder but are spoken of in hushed tones and even then, their name remains elusive. They protect the secret formulas to create it without the use of magic, though even then, it requires a DC 40 Craft (alchemy) check to create. Alchemists insist against it, however, and assure anyone that makes the attempt to keep their success a secret—those that don’t suffer untimely ends.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, repel vermin; Cost 350 gp 14 xp


Do you have an idea for an enchanted sword, arcane-empowered armor or unique magic item? Take a look at the submission rules and send a brief summary of your proposed enchanted item titled ‘Armory of Adventures submission’ to submit(at) with the following:

  • the nature of the item (weapon, armor or wondrous)

  • one or two sentences about its appearance

  • what the item in question does

  • the components and spell(s) used in its construction