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[CONTEST] Enter’s Mapmaster Contest!

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What is Mapmaster?
Mapmaster is a cartography contest open to graphic designers and artists everywhere!
If you have the chops and the skills needed to put together amazing, detailed maps, then roll initiative! Take a look at our contest guidelines and put together a basic concept map that exhibits your design expertise—no vases on night stands or anything like that, just empty rooms is fine for the first round of judging.
The second phase of Mapmaster will test your technical skills, pitting your talents against that of your peers with a detailed map for inclusion in an upcoming module!

The Underworld!
Aventyr is a world combed with subterranean passages and endless caverns; make one of them yours! Caves, mushroom forests, dungeons and tunnels are what we want to see—extra points will be awarded for original and creative locations!

Who is allowed to enter?
Anyone can enter! We strongly encourage unpublished cartographers and graphic designers with minds as creative as their computer mice are deft to dive in and give this contest a shot.

Five Finalists A group of industry professionals will choose five finalists from these submissions to create a more detailed map for a second phase of judging. All finalists will enjoy a free 3-month subscription to, and the 1st and 2nd place winner will receive both a free 3-month subscription and their choice of two Adventure-A-Week PDFs or Fantasy Grounds II adventures.

Special Assignment Two of the five finalists will be hired to assist Jonathan G. Nelson with sections of a major upcoming print product from! More details to come as the end of the Mapmaster contest draws near.

Grand Prize Winner Receives a 6-month subscription to, 6 free PDF adventures, and will be hired to provide cartography for multiple upcoming adventure releases in web, PDF, and print!


What are the requirements/guidelines?

  • Your final map must come in three visual formats:
    • GM – Map with grid on floor level only, text tags, scale, compass, title of map.
    • Player – Map with grid on floor level only, scale, compass. (Omit: text tags, title of map)
    • VTT – Map only. (Omit: grid, text tags, scale, compass, title of map)
  • Sent to no later than February 25thth, 2014.
  • Only original maps are eligible (digital or scanned).
  • Not an overview or overland map; a GM should either run an encounter with your submission [Hint: this is what we want to see] or use it for a party progressing through a dungeon or cave system.
  • Be submitted as a PSD, PNG, or TIFF attachment in full color.
  • Have Mapmaster [insert name] in the email’s subject line.
    • Include your full name and contact information in the body of the e-mail.
  • DOES NOT include any references to any settings not published by, LLP. Please note that AaW does not have a license to print adventures using settings published by other companies. Any such entries will be immediately disqualified. You may refer to locations from Aventyr (the campaign setting).
  • Make sure you include the following information with your entry: Full Name, Email Address, Name of Map


Additional Rules

1. The contest is open to all.
2. One entry per person. The entry must be your own work, which has not been published previously, is not being considered for publication by any other publisher, and is original and does not infringe upon any copyrighted material.
3. All entries become property of, LLP.
4. By entering this contest, you authorize the use of your name and likeness without additional compensation for promotion and advertising purposes in all media.
5. This contest is subject to federal, state, and local laws where applicable.
6., LLP reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.
7. All decisions of, LLP and the contest judges are final.