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Gel of the Miraculous Jig

Drow Male Alchemist

Gel of the Miraculous Jig Aura¬†strong enchantment; CL16th Slot¬†none; Price¬†20,000 gp; Weight¬†1 lb. DESCRIPTION This inexplicable gel comes in a nondescript can made of thin metal or capped flask, typically with a small compartment containing a detachable brush (although 30%, found gel of the miraculous jig¬†has no such compartment). The gel is odorless, tasteless, and […]

Argus Spyglass

Color Spray Scope (CR2)

Argus Spyglass Aura strong divination; CL 9th Slot none; Price 18,000 gp; Weight 1 lb. DESCRIPTION This telescoping spyglass is fashioned from worn brass, the final piece painted a solid red. It is remarkably light and fits over the eye with ease. Any areas perceived with an¬†argus spyglass¬†are treated as though the wearer has darkvision. […]