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Magic Item Monday (Macabre Manses): Fomalhaut’s Miasma

Fomalhaut’s Miasma
Aura strong transmutation; CL 14th
Slot none; Price  28,800 gp; Weight  —

This clear glass vial contains a small fraction of Fomalhaut the Nebulous’ gaseous body. Bright hues of orange, green, and purple swirl inside the vial as if it were somehow aware of your presence.

vialWhen inhaled, Fomalhaut’s Miasma grants the imbiber with the ability to communicate with Fomalhaut regardless of distance or location. Communications between Fomalhaut and the imbiber are telepathic in nature and accompanied by intense nightmarish visions (DC 25 Will save or suffer an insanity which takes effect immediately). If one already suffers from an insanity, failing the save incurs the chance that the individual’s type of insanity changes based on the roll (onset is always immediate).

Fomalhaut’s Miasma grants several different abilities when consumed.
The imbiber may extricate Fomalhaut’s Miasma at will, putting it back into any sealable container to be used again later. This effect occurs automatically after 10 minutes.

After drinking Fomalhaut’s Miasma, the imbiber may temporarilyy transform their body as per the gaseous form spell, except that their movement speed is doubled and they retain the ability to interact with objects (and make physical attacks against foes). This duration need not be continuous, but it must be used in 1 minute increments.
***If an individual is still in gaseous form at the end of the 10 minutes, they become permanently bound to Fomalhaut’s Miasma, losing their physical body in the process and becoming an avatar of the Nebulous for 1d6 days before dissipating into nothingness.

Once per day, the imbiber may use enlarged prismatic spray (CL 20th) as a spell-like ability.

Requirements one vial or other similar container, specific knowledge of Fomalhaut’s home plane, plane shift; Cost 14,400 gp



[Submitted by Jeremy Kleve!]

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Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Fortunetelling Press

1134-Ancient-Printing-office-q75-1453x1020Fortunetelling Press
Aura overwhelming divination; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 100 lbs.

Made up of gears, wheels, levers, and rollers, this mechanical beast can produce a paper every few seconds.

Once per day, a fortunetelling press can produce 10d100 identical newspapers. Most of the copy for each newspaper must be meticulously laid out prior to printing, a process that takes 2d4 hours. If a blank section is left on the paper and it is filled with humanoid blood, it is filled in during printing with a story about an event that will happen in the near future (1d7 days). Such events occur, but can be averted if direct action is taken to circumvent them.

DC 15     The Steamtown Herald often publishes stories that are yet to happen.
DC 20     The press is reported to be demonic in origin, and has a small goblinoid cult associated with it.
DC 25     The press requires blood as its ink in order to foretell the future.

A fortunetelling press is destroyed if it is ever filled with the blood of a demon.

The fortunetelling press was recovered by a goblinoid excavation crew some months ago. A short time later its function was discovered and a small cult formed around, their main function to collect blood for the printing of new stories. Borys the Timerian does not yet know where the papers are coming from, or about the existence of the cult.

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Wonders of NaeraCull: Earthbound Gem

Earthbound Gem
Aura faint transmutation; CL 7th
earthbound gemSlot none; Price 5,200 gp; Weight 15 lb.

This multi-faceted gemstone is as large as a human skull, and noticeably heavy for its size. It glows from within with a faint amber light that pulsates rhythmically (similar to a heartbeat), gently vibrating as each pulse reaches its apex of intensity.

Once per day an earthbound gem allows its user to use a number of different spell-like abilities: soften earth and stone (CL 3rd) once per day, stone shape (CL 5th) once per week, and transmute rock to mud (CL 7th) once per month. Each time the earthbound gem is used there is a cumulative 1% chance that the user is turned to stone as flesh to stone (CL 11th). This cumulative chance only dissipates if the earthbound gem is unused for a full. An earthbound gem is activated when the user holds the large jewel in one hand and uses their other hand to touch the target of its spell-like abilities.


Success on a Knowledge (history) check to learn more about an earthbound gem reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     Legends surrounding the creation of the Stone Sentinels of NaeraCull mention that even after the titanic creatures were petrified, their hearts still beat, the life-force within sustaining their existence in a motionless state where they are forced to helplessly gaze out over the land they so loved. [More informationcan be found in Grimstark Stoneturner’s Research!]
DC 20     Some researchers claim that earthbound gems are used to animate the inanimate. The existence of this magic item within the core of one of the Stone Sentinels brings to question whether they are simply statues or instead immobile living constructs.
DC 25     While not exceedingly powerful, earthbound gems are exceptionally rare because they are notoriously difficult to craft. Earthbound gems are highly sought after by artificers as a core component in the construction of many powerful stone-based constructs and golems.


Before starting to craft an earthbound gem, the ruby components must be stored together in a stone mold and heated to a red-hot glow once per day for six months (to create the single massive gem); otherwise the gem cracks during the crafting attempt.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, cluster of rubies with a combined value of at 1,000 gp or more, soften stone and earth, stone shape, transmute rock to mud, dancing lights, permanency; Cost 2,600 gp

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Wonders of NaeraCull: God Tear Pearl

god tear pearlGod Tear Pearl
Aura faint conjuration; CL 2nd
Slot none; Price 3,800 gp; Weight 0.1 lb.

This sizeable freshwater pearl is large enough to fit in the palm of a man’s hand and has been hollowed out to function as a drinking vessel of sorts. Its imperfect spherical exterior boasts an iridescent sheen and is notably cool to the touch.

Once per day a god tear pearl can create up to 4-gallons of fresh water as per create water (CL 2nd) which manifests within the hollow of the pearl, flowing over its brim if more water is created than the makeshift cup can hold. As an additional ability, once per day, a god tear pearl can control water (CL 1st, limited to a range of 40 ft., limited to a volume of 10 x 10 ft. by 2 ft.).

The effects of the god tear pearl can be activated by use of one of two different command words (almost always of the Aquan language). One command word activates the create water effect while the other activates the control water effect.

Success on a Knowledge (local) check to learn more about a god tear pearl reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     Freshwater pearls of the type used to make this magic item come only from the region of the God Tears Fall in NaeraCull. The rich sediments deposited by the powerful waterfall attributes the unusually large size of the gods tear pearl.
DC 20     The various hovels of waterfall nymphs that inhabit the God Tears Fall are known to craft gods tear pearls to take their love of a watery environment with them when they may travel away from their homes in or near the great waterfall.
DC 25     It is said that a waterfall nymph can recognize the particular craftsmanship of her hovel when it comes to a god tear pearl. The enchanted baubles are sometimes gifted to adventurers in return for services or favors. Any waterfall nymph of the particular hovel that crafted a god tear pearl recognizes the item and adopts a friendlier demeanor toward the owner.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, pearl from the God Tears Fall region of NaeraCull (worth at least 500 gp), create water, control water; Cost 1,900 gp



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Tribal Troubles: Powder of Detection

Powder of Detection
Price 25 gp per pinch; Weight

Kept in a tiny leather pouch cinched with braided sinew, this bright purple substance can detect the presence of magic. A pouch containing powder of detection typically holds up to 20 pinches of the substance. Powder of detection is made from the spores of a rare desert fungus (wortworm), which feeds on arcane magic. Given time, it takes root and begin to sprout wortworm fungus in two to eight days if left upon an enchanted item (in this way the item itself can be used to create more powder of detection).

The powder visibly changes the spores react, glowing as they consume the energy of the enchanted item and allowing the user to discover if it has magical properties. One pinch of powder allows the user to detect magic for one item, creature, or 5-foot square surface. Whether or not the item is magic, the pinch of powder is used up by the attempt. The amount of energy consumed by the spores is negligible and has no effect on the magic of the item. Powder of detection can also be easily washed off with water.

powder of detection - justin andrew masonUsually found growing at intersecting lay lines where natural arcane energies node, wortworm fungi require hot, dry air to thrive, and usually grow just beneath the surface, embedded in sand or loose soil. A fully matured wortworm fungus stands about three to five inches tall, is pale indigo in color, and has a coral-like appearance. A mature wortworm fungus generates enough spores for 1d4 pinches of the powder of detection once per week. A single mature fungus can produce spores for decades.

Due to the nature of the wortworm spores, the color and intensity of the powder’s glow is based on the nature of the arcane energies being consumed. The intensity of the powder’s glow ranges from dim (for magic items with a weak and moderate aura) to brightly illuminated (for magic items with a strong aura). Magic items with an overwhelming aura cause the powder to pulsate with a glow the fades back and forth from faint to bright illumination.

Arcane School      Color
Abjuration              Red
Conjuration            Orange
Divination               Yellow
Enchantment          Green
Illusion                    Blue
Necromancy           Indigo
Transmutation        Violet
Multiple Schools      Shifting Rainbow
Other                     White


Powder of detection is somewhat rare, but its use and function would be relatively common knowledge amongst those who study the arcane. A DC 12 Knowledge (arcana) check reveals its purpose.

A DC 15 Knowledge (local) check reveals that the powder of detection is particularly favored by the Piseogach Clan of the Disputed Territories due to their distrust of magic. It provides the perfect medium for them to identify magic items without having to utilize magic in doing so.


Destruction As a mundane item, powder of detection can be destroyed by any normal means, though it is particularly susceptible to heat (bursting into an instantaneous flash when exposed to fire).

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Tribal Troubles: Ayaxan Lamp

Mythology_genie_s_lampAyaxan Lamp
Aura weak conjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 2,160 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This simple pewter lamp always leaks with a fine, cool mist and is chill to the touch.

An Ayaxan lamp is always filled with fresh, cool water when a creature goes to drink from it, but never spills out otherwise. Once per day, a creature drinking from the Ayaxan lamp heals 2d8+3 hit points.

Success on a Knowledge (geography) check to learn more about the Ayaxan lamp reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     These endless sources of drinking water are rarely new, and only originate in the Disputed Territories.
DC 20     Travelers that survive the long journey from the tumultuous lands in the east find these discarded items on the remains of other explorers across the long plains and endless dunes.
DC 25     The Ayaxan tribe—nomads that travel across the tribal lands in the Disputed Territories—make these enchanted lamps. Every Ayaxan family carries one, and many keep a second.
DC 30     Travelers that come across the wandering gypsies often receive an Ayaxan lamp as a gift. If they are unwise, rude, or otherwise unkind in return, the Ayaxans deign not to warn them of the many dangers to be faced in their territories. More often than not, they come across the Ayaxan lamps they’ve given away after a time.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, create water, cure moderate wounds; Cost 1,080 gp