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Tribal Troubles: K’naghi Armor

Locust_Husk_PlateK’naghi Armor
Aura moderate conjuration; CL 5th
Slot body, Price 14,450 gp; Weight 25 lbs.

This masterfully crafted full plate is formed from the husk of a giant insect, clearly imbued with magic of some kind. The chitinous carapace has been painstakingly worked into carefully interlocked plates, the back seems to have extra plating, and the arms are adorned with insectile wings.

This +1 full plate is made from the remains of a giant locust and imbued with magic by the shamans of the K’naghi tribe. It is incredibly lightweight and designed to offer the tribe’s warriors flexibility as well as heavy protection. The bracers of K’naghi armor have been outfitted with razor-sharp segments of locust wing that form an arched blade protruding from both forearms, and its plates are intricately engraved with tribal runes and ritual pictograms.

Wings of the Locust
K’naghi armor boasts two wings that remain folded and concealed against the back of the armor until they are activated. As a free action once per round, with a DC 10 Use Magic Device check the wings can be extended (or retracted if already extended) outward and behind the suit of armor, providing the wearer with a decreased speed of descent when falling through normal atmosphere.

This effect remains active as long as the wearer is falling and the wings are extended, and is identical to feather fall (with a duration of “until landing”). The effect is a natural function of the armor’s construction.

If the wearer is attacked and hit while utilizing the effects of the wings, they must make a DC 15 Use Magic Device check or the wings automatically retract and cannot be activated again until the following round.

If the wearer has the Expert Locust Riding feat [see the most recent Statblock Sunday!], then he or she may alter the rate of descent anywhere between twice the normal rate of decent (diving) and the lessened rate of descent as defined by feather fall with a standard action.

Song of the Locust
As a full round action once per day, K’naghi armor can be used to summon a swarm of locusts. This ability is activated by rubbing together the wing segments found on both forearms of the bracers of the armor and functions as summon swarm (CL 5th); it can only summon a swarm of locusts.

Blades of the Locust
The razor-sharp wing segments that have been affixed to the forearms of K’naghi armor may be used as weapons that function as keen scimitars (slashing, 1d6, 15-20/x2). The blades do not inhibit the use of a shield or other weapons, however the wearer must have their hand free (or both hands free if using both) to utilize them as weapons. The keen effect of these blades is a natural effect caused by the sheer sharpness of the edges of the locust wings, but it does not stack with other effects that increase a weapon’s critical threat range.

The wearer must have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat to utilize the blades of the locust as weapons.

Being a resourceful people, when on of the K’naghi’s beloved domesticated giant locusts dies they boil the carcass; the meat within is eaten and the husk left behind utilized to create a myriad of items—including these suits of armor.

Along with the assistance of the other shamans in his tribe, Banthadar devised K’naghi armor’s design in order to better equip the warriors of his people to protect their village from the increasing encroachment into their lands by untrustworthy outsiders. The warriors of the tribe have been using it for the past 30-years since its initial design.

Success on a Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (nature) check to learn more about K’naghi armor reveals some facts about the magic item:
DC 15 (nature)     The armor has been crafted from the husk of a giant locust. Closely examining each piece it can be discerned that the entire set of full plate was made from the remains of a single giant creature, and that not a single piece of its husk went to waste in the creation of the plate.
DC 25 (local)     The runes carved into the plates of the armor seem to be of mixed origins. Some of them are ancient Common while others depict phonetic examples of Giant.
DC 30 (local)     The specific combination of Common and Giant along with the depiction of what appear to be stylized warriors mounted on the backs of flying insects mark this armor as undoubtedly crafted by the K’Naghi “locust” Tribe.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, the husk of a dead giant locust, keen edge, summon swarm; Cost 7,225 gp