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Wandering Wasteland: Goggles of Revealing


Goggles of Revealinggoggles of revealing
Aura faint divination; CL 6th
Slot head; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This heavy set of brass framed, crystal-lensed goggles are affixed firmly to a riveted basket casque constructed of woven leather straps. The dark green, nearly opaque lenses obscure the eyes of the wearer and the thick golden-hued metal frames make them appear overall unwieldy and uncomfortable to wear.

The wearer of goggles of revealing can activate them twice per day to see invisible objects (not creatures) for one hour as see invisibility (CL 6th) as well as any invisible graffiti within line of sight. In addition the wearer of goggles of revealing gains a +5 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when searching for secret doors and invisible objects. Creatures attacking the wearer of goggles of revealing increase the bonus granted for flanking a defender by +1 and the wearer suffers from light sensitivity while the goggles are worn (creatures with light sensitivity increase their penalty to Perception checks to -3).

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, see invisibility; Cost 3,000 gp


Invisible Graffiti
Aura faint illusion; CL 1st
Slot none; Price 190 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

This cork-stopped flask is filled with an oily substance as clear as pure water.

When invisible graffiti is spread or spilled over an object it immediately evaporates, leaving behind no visible trace. Any effect that would allow a creature to see invisibility reveals a bright orange marking where the substance evaporated but it cannot be revealed by any other effects that would reveal a magical aura or illusion. Though invisible graffiti requires magic to craft, the invisible markings it leaves behind are a natural molecular effect of the substance and persist for 1 week unless washed away by water. One flask of invisible graffiti contains enough material to cover 10 square feet.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, vanish; Cost 95 gp
Goggles of revealing and invisible graffiti are used to pass covert messages between agents in public spaces. They may also be used to mark a target for assassination, locations for secret meetings, or indicators of nearby traps.




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Awake in Alucinar: Scepter of Nightmares

scepter of nightmaresScepter of Nightmares
Aura overwhelming necromancy; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.

The scepter of nightmares is a magical +1 terror burst heavy mace crafted from the spinal column and brain stem of a dead god. The wielder of the scepter of nightmares may detect thoughts (CL 5th) as a standard action. Each day, upon the first attempt to use the weapon, the wielder must succeed a DC 20 Will save or become frightened of the scepter of nightmares for 24 hours.

The scepter of nightmares can be destroyed using it to slay every native ameslari in the dimension of Alucinar.



Terror Burst: A terror burst weapon explodes with a potent form of necrotic energy upon striking a critical hit. The energy does not harm the wielder. The necrotic energy causes bits of the target’s flesh to rot away dealing 1d4 Constitution damage, 1d4 Charisma damage, and 1d10 points of negative energy damage. If a weapon’s critical modifier is x3, the attribute damage become 1d6s instead. In addition to the necrotic energy damage, a target affected by terror burst must make a DC 30 Will save or be afflicted with terrible nightmares on their next attempt to sleep (as the nightmare spell; CL 20th).

Strong necromancy; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; inflict serious wounds, nightmare; Price +5 bonus.

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Awake in Alucinar: Cloak of Shadow Dancing

Cloak of Shadow Dancing
Aura strong conjuration; CL 12thcloak of shadow dancing
Slot shoulders; Price 26,600 gp; Weight 1 lbs.

This pitch black silk cloak is clasped with a brooch of jet and onyx; it seems to unnaturally absorb the light around it and casts no reflection or shadow.

The wearer of a cloak of shadow dancing casts no shadow. Three times per day, the wearer can twirl the garment widdershins three times to cast a broad shadow that envelops a 60 ft. sphere of darkness centered on the cloak. This shadow functions as deeper darkness (CL 10th) and has a duration of 2 hours.
Once per day, a bard wearing a cloak of shadow dancing may use it along with bardic performance (dance) to cast a number of independent dancing shadows (taking the form of her silhouette) equal to her Perform check -10 (minimum 1 dancing shadow). If used in combat these shadows dance around any enemy of the bard (targets chosen by the wearer as a free action) causing the creature to become dazzled. The shadow copies of the bard persist for 1d4 + 2 rounds or until the bard stops performing.
Once per week a cloak of shadow dancing can be removed by the wearer and cast open upon the ground, where the black fabric of the garment becomes the entrance to a cylindrical extradimensional space 5 ft. wide and 10 ft. deep. This extradimensional space persist for 1d4 + 1 hours or until the wearer lifts the cloak of shadow dancing from the ground.
If located within the extradimensional space, the user can choose to close the fabric in upon itself, completely obscuring the cloak of shadow dancing and everything within it from the outside world for the duration of the effect or until the it is opened again. When closed,the extradimensional space contains enough air for 1 Medium-sized creature to breathe for 2 hours. If the user becomes unconscious while within the closed extradimensional space, the space immediately vanishes, pushing all contents back into plane of origin.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, deeper darkness, minor image, plane shift; Cost 13,300 gp

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Awake in Alucinar: The Dead God Dreams

The Dead God Dreams

In sleeping realms of shrouded thought,
lies the dream which chaos wrought,
no final battle could be fought,
against the fate the dreamer sought.

Life forsaken; divine no more,
the dying god his madness poured,
into a battle of a winless war,
an eon faded to nothing more.

Yet still, the Dead God dreams,
ghastly visions and horrid themes,
a darkened place where no light gleams
of evil thoughts and wicked schemes.

Flee now, O’ gentle child of light,
for death and sorrow haunt the night,
pray the dead one’s wrath and might,
remain in dreams, and out of sight.

Go now, and ask no more,
turn your ships against battered ore,
this sea is cursed by dragon’s roar,
for the Dead God dreams here forevermore.

Ameslari hymn about the Sea of NightmaresThe dead god dreams

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Awake in Alucinar: Primal Magic Arrow

primal magic arrowPrimal Magic Arrow
Aura strong universal; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 12,000 gp; Weight

This arrow is fletched with gryphon feathers, the  ebon wood shaft carved and gilded with a spiraling row of arcane runes. The tip, an arrowhead forged of cold iron, is surrounded by a faint, translucent, heatless, violet flame.

In addition to dealing standard damage as a +1 cold iron arrow, a primal magic arrow also triggers one of the following random primal magic effects when it is fired.

Random Primal Magic Effects (Roll 1d6)

  1. A circular pit opens below the primal magic arrow’s point of impact. The pit creates an extradimensional space in the ground (not an actual pit) with a depth of 10 x wielder’s hit dice, but otherwise functions as create pit.
  2. An area with a radius of 30 ft. around the primal magic arrow’s point of impact becomes utterly dark (as if from a deeper darkness spell).
  3. Loud, strange, out-of-tune music reverberates from the primal magic arrow for 1d4 minutes, audible to a range of 1d4 miles. If a creature is struck by the primal magic arrow, this music causes it to be deaf (all sound drowned out by the music) for the duration of the effect.
  4. If a creature is hit all armor, weapons, gear, and clothing in its possession are magically transported to a haphazard pile on the ground 1d4 x 10 ft. away from it in a random direction (DC 25 Will save negates).
  5. If a creature is hit, a burst of power erupts from the primal magic arrow dealing an amount of negative energy damage equal to 1d10 x the wielder’s hit dice.
  6. If a creature is hit, roll on the rod of wonder table; both the hit creature and the wielder are considered targets for the primal magic arrow’s additional effect.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, diamond worth 1,500 gp, limited wish; Cost 6,750 gp

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Awake in Alucinar: Dreamblade

Aura overwhelming illusion; CL 16th
Slot none; Weight 4 lbs.

A dreamblade is an intelligent longsword created when an ameslari freely gives their essence over to be fashioned into a weapon. This process is irreversible and constitutes the death of the ameslari, though their sentience remains intact within the dreamblade. An ameslari cannot be forced to become a dreamblade, nor can a wielder be forced to accept a dreamblade; however once an ameslari transforms into a dreamblade and is accepted by the wielder, the two become inseparably linked for the rest of the wielder’s life. The process of creating a dreamblade requires a simultaneous willing agreement between the wielder and the ameslari sacrificing itself for its creation.
In Alucinar a dreamblade functions as a +1 keen flaming burst longsword and the blade can telepathically communicate with its wielder. If a dreamblade and its wielder become separated for longer than 24-hours in the Plane of Dreams, the dreamblade is instantly teleported back to the wielder—this effect cannot be prevented by any means (magical or otherwise). The user of a dreamblade gains a +5 insight bonus to all Perception checks made within Alucinar, as well as a +10 luck bonus to any Knowledge check pertaining to Alucinar.
When the wielder of a dreamblade sleeps in the a dimension where the weapon has no physical manifestation (see below) there is a 25% chance that they enter a lucid dream shared with the personality of the ameslari bound to the artifact. This vision lasts for 1d4 hours and the ameslari whose essence resides within the weapon appears in their previously physical form. The lucid dream’s location can be any place known to the ameslari and the two may interact as two separate physical beings for its duration. The nature of that interaction is dependent on the nature of the ongoing relationship between the dreamblade and the wielder (this can range from romantic encounters or friendships, to indifference, to a nightmare of blood and gore should the dreamblade be particularly angry).

Marking and Material Planes
A dreamblade cannot exist outside of dreams and has no effect on the wielder other than branding. In material planes (and other dimensions outside of Alucinar, at the GM’s discretion) the wielder of a dreamblade acquires a small 2-3 inch mark (similar to a birthmark) upon their physical body that resembles the shape of the weapon. This marking appears in a random spot and cannot be removed by any means (roll 1d8; 1—face/head, 2—chest/shoulders, 3—left arm/hand, 4—right arm/hand, 5—midsection/lower back, 6—groin/buttocks, 7—left leg/foot, 8—right leg/foot).

A dreamblade can only be destroyed by the permanent death of its wielder, at which point both spirits are released individually into the afterlife.