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Wonders of NaeraCull: Super Sap

Super Sap
Super Sap
Super Sap

NaeraCull is full of wonder, adventure, danger, and… inconvenience? Several of the trees in this jungle grow nowhere else in the world. Some are beautiful to behold. Many of the trees excrete a sticky sap; lines of the shiny liquid can be seen running down many of the trees.

Super Sap (CR 2)

Sap runs down the trunk of several trees, pooling into sticky puddles on the ground.

Type: natural; Perception DC 19; Disable Device —

Trigger location; Reset Auto


Several of the trees have a very sticky sap that pools at the base of their trunks, covered by fallen leaves and limbs. When a pool is stepped in, it adheres to whatever it touches, immobilizing the target. Super Sap (DC 18 Reflex Save or become entangled and immobilized, DC 22 Escape Artist or Strength check required to escape); multiple targets (all targets within 10′ of tree)