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AaWBlog Adventure Path: Banlan Backlash, Uralicans Uncut

Aventyr v4

The AaWBlog’s appetite knows no bounds, and the adventure path continues well past the Disputed Territories and Pradja. Taking a valuable shipment of¬†alligotonium down to Timeaus, the PCs are suddenly and inexplicably transported into an ambush beneath the authoritarian city of Nyamo! Throughout the month they fight off thieves, deceive guards, and either infiltrate or […]

AaWBlog Adventures: Maddening May, Macabre Manses, Wonders of NaeraCull


The craziness¬†of the AaWBlog could not be contained within the month of May, and thus insanity abounds throughout¬†Maddening May! Fight off strange slugs, explore a sunken insane asylum, and traverse the Dar’spelun Slugmarsh‚ÄĒif you’re brave enough for it. Read up on¬†Maddening May¬†here¬†and¬†here!   In case you somehow missed it, we collected all of the amazing […]

AaWBlog Adventures: Cultus Sanguineus and Mischievous Meadows

cultus sanguineus cover

As the AaWBlog started to ramp up in February, we took our first ambitious steps towards continuous adventures with¬†Cultus Sanguineus, an exploration of the hidden orders of corrupted nobility in Mohkba, capital of the Klavek Kingdom! What began as a simple request for a magic item that changes the wearer into a vampire spread into […]