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Trap Tuesday (Forsaken Frontier): Arcane Vortex Trap

arcane vortex trap - Matt Morrow male human wizard-F-c

Arcane Vortex Trap     CR 10 Type magical; Perception DC 42*; Disable Device DC 42* Trigger location; Reset none Effect inhibits or modifies spellcasting depending on type *An arcane vortex may also be found with a detect magic, revealing an overwhelming aura of the appropriate school. Dispel magic can destroy an arcane vortex trap (the dispel DC […]

Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Gauntlet of Deracination

gauntlet of deracination - justin andrew mason

Gauntlet of Deracination Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th Slot hands; Weight 5 lbs. DESCRIPTION This single right-handed gauntlet of segmented golden plates has been polished to a mirror-like gleam, and its bracer has been inset with three large gemstone cabochons—one of ruby, another of sapphire, and the last of emerald. A gauntlet of deracination functions […]

Weird Wednesday (Forsaken Frontier): Whispers of Qexaathus

whispers of qexaathus - rogue-pictures-1

WHISPERS OF QEXAATHUS             CR 12 XP 25,600 CE persistent haunt (up to 60 ft. radius, throne room) Caster Level 12th Notice Perception DC 28 (to hear Qexaathus whispering, “Lies! Their smiles, their friendship, all lies! They’re going to take it all from you, kill them before they strike!”) hp 54; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 […]

Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Ferryman’s Toll

ferrymans toll

Ferryman’s Toll Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th Slot none; Price 298,000 gp; Weight 0.4 lbs DESCRIPTION This crudely minted coin is crafted from brittle, rusted pig-iron. The image of hanged man—crowned as king and dangling from the branch of a gnarled and twisted tree—is hammer-pressed into the face of it. A three-headed serpent is erupting […]

Sidequest Saturday (Forsaken Frontier): Doc Fell’s Deal

Doc Fells Deal - 151-Prestbury-Old-Hall-q50-1493x1212

The PCs follow Sulcera as she picks her way carefully across the badlands, steadily heading northeast.  If the party follows her closely they avoid many skirmishes of the different factions—mainly those between the ghasts and ghouls against the undead hordes of Syfforack Zoi. Even if the adventurers ask about lending aid, Sulcera steers them clear of […]

Weird Wednesday (Forsaken Frontier): Burning Vengeance

burning vengeance

BURNING VENGEANCE             CR 12 XP 19,200 CE haunt (20 ft. by 15 ft. town square) Caster Level 15th Notice Perception DC 25 (to hear Izali Komandri whispering, “Are you watching barber? I’m going to burn them all. One by one.”) hp 24; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute Weakness susceptible to cold damage Effect When […]

Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Arcane Artillery Pylon

arcane artillery pylon

Arcane Artillery Pylon Aura strong necromancy; CL 15th Slot none; Price 136,000 gp; Weight 1,500 lbs. DESCRIPTION This large, sturdy t-shaped cart is mounted with a pivoting, enormous crystal pylon. An arcane artillery pylon requires the infusion of negative or positive energy in order to function. This magic item can hold a charge of up […]