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BaevonianĀ War Camp

An Aventyr Adventures location for characters of any level.

GeneralĀ GlatmoorĀ and theĀ BaevonianĀ army have set up a large encampment about 30 miles north of LakeĀ ChoniaĀ in preparation for a final assault on theĀ Chonians.Ā 

TheĀ Baevonian force is currently comprised of 500 human foot-soldiers, a cavalry of 100 humans riding Chonian horses, 20 high-rankingĀ HorntuskĀ orcs, 10 high-ranking Baevonian officials, and General Glatmoor. The general is known as ā€œThe Impounderā€ for his knack of rounding up and corrallingĀ Chonians, prepping them for slavery or scheduled execution.Ā  Continue reading BaevonianĀ War Camp