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Mohkba Mania: This is a Good Thing. Kind of.

“My tree is a twig! This is bad! Where did mage go?!” Tekkittir yells, hefting her spindly growth of a club—now the size of an infant sapling rather than a full-grown tree—against a nearby table leg to disappointing effect. The party’s unexpectedly disrupted teleport to Mohkba changed each of the adventurers fundamentally; while Tanhoj and […]

Awake in Alucinar: Sleepless Sonuvanje

Sleepless Sonuvanje

Stephni’s stomach churned as she trod through the portal spawned by the strange creatures that attacked but an hour ago, questioning her sanity with each step. The rest of the group had voted however, and the majority decided that with no other leads that the gateways were the most advantageous way forward. So it was, she […]

Stealing Stones: Getting Lost

getting lost

Rounding yet another bend in the never ending tunnels of the thrice-damned zwerc enclave, Mykail was certain that they’d lost the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S.’ trail and pushed down the thought that whatever plans the nefarious criminals have for the Shlyappa ore are another step closer to fruition. “I told you not to let Tekkittir into the tunnel […]

Stealing Stones: Are We Lost?

Road to Shlyappa 1

After three days of wandering through nothing but orange tunnels (rarely any more than 5 feet high) even plucky Tanhoj was tiring of the Amber Roads. “Over this way, I’m sure of it,” the dwarf says, beckoning forward with all the confidence of a clan lord, “I promise that we’re about to reach Shlyappa soon.” […]

Mendacious Materials: Musings of the Mage

Musings of the Mage 2

The old mage gestures for Justahn to continue, not at all distracted by the task of meticulously preparing an ornate arcane ritual on the floor of the old theater’s stage. “Well that’s about it, really,” the dwarf mumbles, slightly in awe at Jesker’s cavalier attitude while working magic far beyond the stout sorcerer’s talents. “Oh, […]

Mendacious Materials: A Bit of Story

sanguine ball proper - a bit of story

“Mohkba’s not just a place of glamor and regal nobility,” the old dwarf says, scratching the scar near his eyepatch idly, “there’s a dark underbelly of the elite that doesn’t often reach the taverns outside the city. Why it was only last year that those bloody Cultus Sanguineus lot nearly summoned up an evil as […]

Strange Salve: Questionable Crossing

questionable crossing 2

The impossibly large bartender shrugs his shoulders for the seventh time, looking at Mykail with the same curious expression that was plastered onto his face from when the bard first asked about passage across the Mohkba River. “No Common. Only drinks. Want ale?” With his retinue of languages readily exhausted, the half-elf relented. “Yes, want […]