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Vexing Valley Ambush

A Secret Valley

The tumultuous and meddling doings of Mischievous Meadows comes to a cataclysmic end in this week’s Sidequest Saturday: Vexing Valley Ambush! The trails of Agent Elwin, Alby Amhlaoibh and whomever let loose the pepfralcons all lead to the same place: a secluded valley to the northeast of the grove where all this mess began. The troublesome antagonists are […]

Sangue Malar

AWW_Blog_Blood_Vat_Map_Justin_Mason_Draft_002 jpeg

The paranoia and chaos reaches a fevered pitch as midnight nears before Countess Veresovich enacts the final portion of her plan—the large floor of the ballroom suddenly drops out from under the attendees of the masquerade, dumping all of them onto a steep slope that slides each into an unremarkable hewn stone chamber hundreds of […]