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d100 Swamp Finds

A  list of 100 found objects, unexpected sights, and strange encounters for your players to discover whilst trekking through the muck, mire, and treacherous waterways of the swamp.

Written by John Teehan

What mysteries and danger await within the swamp?

When your player’s characters are forced to traverse a swamp, you know things are about to get weird, wet, and creepy. Swamps really do represent the whole circle-of-life concept where growth and decay exist side by side.

Swamps can be tricky to traverse given the many types of terrain and waterways. While some wetlands have fairly sturdy ground built upon centuries of layers of moss and rich soil, others are brackish waterways concealing many dangers. Channels through some swamps may have little to stand on save clumps of above-water roots and patches of grass with muddy soil.

The twisted trees grow in a tangle of branches and vines, competing for precious sunlight, but shrouding much of the ground in darkness. Who can’t help but feel a little uneasy?

Add to all of that slimy lichens, wet moss, suspicious fungi, and other exotic vegetation that could come alive at any moment, swamps surely aren’t for the faint of heart.

Characters traveling through your swamp may come across all manner of strange objects and sights. Some innocuous, some wondrous. Some mundane, and some inexplicably magical.How to use this list

This list of 100 things to find in a swamp is yours to use the next time your player’s characters make that unforgettable, wet journey across the marsh. Whether they’re treading carefully across damp, mossy earth, or wading hip-deep in waters hiding vicious creatures, this list gives them many additional items and sights to experience.

Review the list and pick out some favorites for your next campaign or take a chance and roll a d100.

Every fifth listed item is something more memorable if you want to get straight to the exceptional stuff, in that case, just roll a d20 and multiply by five to see what your players find.

d100 Swamp Finds

1. The rotting remains of a wooden barge. The wooden parts are weak and will not support much weight. The metal parts are rusted. The whole thing is covered with a slippery green sheen. It is home to numerous snakes.
2. A broken wooden wagon wheel. It looks maybe a month old. There are no roads nearby.
3. A frog wearing a tiny little crown. It swims or jumps away and disappears before it can be caught.
4. An old boot filled with brackish water. If players really dig into it, there are three gold coins in the toe.
5. A small stone that gives off a continuous soft greenish light. This is a permanent effect and is non-magical.
6. A severed skeletal hand (left) holding a more-recently severed hand (right).
7. A length of rusty chains hanging from a thick branch.
8. A moss-covered elf skull wedged in where a branch meets its tree.
9. A fixed illusion of a candle set atop a rotten log. Its flame gives off a soft light but emits no heat. Only a powerful spell of dispelling magic will cause it to disappear.
10. A simple straw broom. It gives off a magical aura. All it really does, though, is sweep better than any broom you’ve ever seen.
11. A sealed scroll case. Inside is an irritated venomous snake.
12. Buried in mud and grass, three alligator eggs.
13. A perfectly spherical ball of white marble measuring about a foot in diameter.
14. A rusted metal shopping cart. (I mean, why not? Have you ever seen a swamp without a random shopping cart stuck in it?)
15. A silver whistle that summons the nearest hostile creature.
16. The skeletal remains of a dwarven warrior. Its weapons and armor are all in varying stages of decay.
17. A bird on a nearby branch looks at the party, utters the word “Oops!” then flies off.
18. Vines producing white flowers surround an old tree. The scent is sweet and comforting.
19. A dwarven handaxe is sticking out of a tree. There are remains of hemp rope tied about its handle.
20. Characters hear a muffled sound coming from the ground. A little digging reveals a gold coin showing the head of a man who is always singing. The coin emits a loud operatic song in an unknown language that never, ever ends. Ever. High-level magic will remove the effect. Attempts to otherwise melt or destroy the coin are unsuccessful.
21. A hangman’s noose hangs ominously from a nearby tree branch. The rope is new and fresh. There are no signs of recent travelers.
22. Walking along, the ground makes a wet burping sound, and a small pouch filled with 30 gold (or silver) coins appears from beneath the visible surface. It’s damp and muddy but in otherwise good condition. There is no trap here. Nothing more than a previously buried bit of treasure appearing because swamp gasses have been slowly pushing it upward, and the presence of the party was just enough to reveal it. The ground is very soft but will take normal-weighted players just fine.
23. An old skeleton key, balanced upon a rock which in turn is balanced on a log which sits level upon the skeletal remains of a gigantic lizard-like creature (T-Rex)
24. A tree stump with a dozen arrows sticking out of it.
25. A perfect doppelganger of one of the party members hangs from a tree by a noose. As soon as any character touches it, the doppelgänger turns into water. Anyone caught in the splash zone will experience significant feelings of dread for the foreseeable future.
26. An empty wine bottle. Empty, that is, if you don’t count the rib bone. Expert, specialized knowledge might recognize it as the rib bone of a young female elf.
27. A large sack of old rabbit remains.
28. A ceremonial dagger with gold and pearl inlays. Valuable, but useless in a fight.
29. A heavy iron helm of the sort worn by dwarves a thousand years ago. Rust spots adorn it, but otherwise surprisingly durable and even wearable once cleaned.
30. Three spectral witches surround a spectral cauldron. They talk about some event that will happen to the party in the near future. As soon as the party interacts with them in any way, the ghostly figures shimmer away.
31. A porcelain teapot. Dirty and filled with muck, but in good condition.
32. A large petrified egg.
33. A wooden basket on which grow numerous mushrooms.
34. A tree festooned with bright purple flowers.
35. A strange clockwork humanoid-shaped figure is sprawled on the ground. It’s made entirely of wood—wood which has decayed to the point of pure interoperability. It’s impossible to make out how it worked because it’s so rotted and wet.
36. A feral chicken.
37. A deer hide stretched between two trees.
38. A large cast-iron cauldron half-filled with brackish water. At the very bottom is a human finger with a silver ring (non-magical).
39. A pile of enormous feathers in the middle of a jump of grass forming an empty, abandoned nest.
40. A silly-looking mud creature comes out of the ground and attacks the party. It does very little damage but is impervious to physical attacks. Fire or ice spells will slow it down, but as it’s bound to this area, players can simply move out of range and continue on their way.
41. A bag of squirrel bones
42. A pile of smooth stones carefully stacked 10-high.
43. The image of a sword floating in a pool of green water. It’s an illusion, and disturbing the water makes it disappear.
44. Fifty or so small peep toads chirp loudly inside a hollowed-out log. It’s very crowded in there, and the acoustics make them very, very loud. Repeated banging on the log will gradually break up the party and quiet things down.
45. A small wooden bowl floats in a pool of brackish water. Water that is placed in the bowl is purified, and any poisons are removed.
46. A hat. Looks kind of new.
47. An impenetrable wall of thorny vines 10 feet high, 20 feet thick, and stretching across the players’ path for a good mile in both directions.
48. A leash for a three-headed dog?
49. A decaying hand reaching up piteously from the center of a bog. Should the party investigate further, they may find a remarkable preserved (but still dead) merchant robbed of his valuables.
50. A jeweled chalice sits in a clearing. Sun (or moon) light shines down on it in a majestic shaft of light. It gives off a magic aura. It’s power? Summoning a majestic beam of glowing light. Outdoor use only.
51. A rotted wooden crate covered with moss and glowing white mushrooms.
52. Small blue flowers hanging from vines that make little bell-like sounds when disturbed.
53. A bird whistles a portion of a well-known piece of church music then flies off.
54. A broken drum.
55. A long-forgotten skeleton wearing rotting leather armor sits propped up against a tree. Around its neck is a compass that always points to danger.
56. A half-buried hurricane lamp. Water has leaked into the oil reservoir, and the wick is waterlogged.
57. A large boulder sits improbably in the middle of the swamp. It weighs as much as one would expect, but also floats in the water. It’s too large to get far, though, given brush and trees.
58. A skillfully stuffed squirrel dressed as a wizard.
59. A small, waterproof pouch filled with a dry, white powder. (Chalkdust)
60. Spiders. Ohmigod. So very many little black spiders start attacking from every direction. They get inside clothes and armor. They bite. Not deadly, but enough bites will slow a character down for 24 hours. Killing them only attracts more. The only strategy is to move out of the area. It would be a shame if a DM put something intriguing there for the players to investigate.
61. A torn leather map depicting the area between the nearest settlement and this area of swamp.
62. A leather-bound journal with severe water damage. Unreadable. If restored by magic, it reveals the writings of a bard who has gotten lost in this swamp and fears is being followed by something hungry and evil.
63. A small, flat-bottomed boat. It can hold two people but will break if used in any way other than gently.
64. A rusty sprung bear trap. In its metal jaws is the foot of some kind of humanoid.
65. A small pool of water gives off a comforting glow. Within 15 feet of its edges is a very calming version of a zone of truth.
66. In the branches of a tree are signs of people having taken refuge there for a long time. There are old claw marks up and down the trunk of the tree.
67. Two left shoes made of leather. They’re high-quality shoes, but covered in muck and filled with mud. Inside one shoe is a small fragment of bone.
68. A doll’s head just…just laying there out in the open.
69. An unexpected and unseasonably cold breeze that lasts a full minute.
70. A long broad pipe peaks out of a leather bag. It’s in good condition. When used with any tobacco, there is a 50% chance the smoke reveals whispy versions of places known to the smoker and what is currently happening there. User can attempt this three times a day, but can only have one success.
71. Out of all the surrounding trees, there is one that is absolutely covered in cobwebs.
72. A large, locked wooden chest containing several sets of fine clothing wrapped in waterproof canvas.
73. A full, complete skeleton of a draft horse covered in moss.
74. A single footprint of an improbably large three-toed creature.
75. Stuck in the ground is a mysterious wand. Any player can use it. It has one unrecoverable charge. Its spell is unknown. (DM’s discretion)
76. A pamphlet describing the next settlement or structure the players are going to.
77. The ground gives way to a sucking bog that begins to drag everyone under!
78. The smell of rotten eggs.
79. Set atop a log is an hourglass with no sand and a small note that reads, “Time is running out.”
80. A fearsome creature of muck and mud rears out of the ground, towers over the party, lets out a mighty roar, then collapses and disappears.
81. A sealed, water and air-tight box containing dried meats and fruits.
82. 13 walnuts arranged in a circle on the ground.
83. An empty quiver hanging from a tree branch. A bird is living inside.
84. A glass jar with a sealed lid. If the jar is broken or the cover is removed, the party hears a burst of hideous laughter that fades away after a few seconds.
85. A body is found tied to a tree. It’s long dead, and its chest is full of arrows as if it were the subject of an execution. On a finger is a cursed ring. Those accompanying the wearer suffer disadvantage on _all_ rolls until the player is dead. (The wearer does not suffer the same penalties. The ring can only be removed by death, cutting off the finger, or potent magic.)
86. A crude humanoid figure erected on a stake made of dried vine and mud blocks the way. A warning?
87. A feral black cat in a tree.
88. A small harp with no strings.
89. An unsuccessful campfire setup.
90. A goblin skull sits on the ground. Scratched in the dirt before it is the word “ask.” The skull will answer three questions (in goblin) at DM’s discretion before crumbling into dust.
91. A gold coin nailed into a tree.
92. A pile of dead fish. Probably not more than a day old.
93. A flock of crows sit on nearby trees and begin cawing loudly as the party approaches. A random party member’s name can be heard among the cawing. Then the crows all take off at once and fly away.
94. A small, long-forgotten stone shrine to a moon deity.
95. A vial of blue liquid is hidden in a hole in an old tree. Most likely, some kind of healing potion.
96. An eyeball to an unknown creature floating in a pool of black water.
97. An old steel gauntlet sized for something much larger than human.
98. A bolt of linen decorated with gold thread. The outer layers are pretty much ruined, but the inner parts are salvageable.
99. The remains of a shark-like creature approximately 10 ft long.
100. On an old, large tree are carved all the party members’ names who are not elves. Any members who have died have been crossed out. Any members who are just missing have a check next to their name.

Have fun mucking about in the muck!

d100 Forest Finds

d100 Mountain Finds

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AAW Games is looking for #dnd GMs to run games at Gen Con 2020 (online)

Welcome fellow Game Masters!
Do you like to have fun and get free stuff?

AAW Games is looking for GMs to run Dungeons & Dragons 5e compatible games at Gen Con 2020 Online, which takes place from July 30th to August 2nd, 2020. 

We have selected 6 fantastic adventures from our award-winning Mini-Dungeon collection.
As a GM, you will receive everything you need to smoothly run your adventure plus a bonus reward for participating in this historical online Gen Con.

What adventures are available to run?
We’ve selected six adventures that cover a wide range of levels and themes.
Level 1: The Aura of Profit
Levels 2-3: Buried Council Chambers
Level 4: The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove
Level 5: Sepulchre of the Witching Hour’s Sage
Level 6: The Lapis Maiden of Serena Hortum
Levels 6-7: Tiikeri’s Revenge

How can I run the adventures?
Each of the selected adventures has a full color PDF and is also Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity compatible. You may run this in any fashion so long as permitted by Gen Con Guidelines. This also includes platforms such as Discord, Zoom, etc.

How do I sign up?
First and foremost, register at Gen Con!
Then send an email to by July 19th and include the following information:
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you whitelist the above email address, otherwise our replies will likely end up in your spam folder!)

  • Name of chosen adventures
  • Time slots and alternate time slots you’d like to run the adventures
  • Email address you used to register at Gen Con
  • Platform(s) you are using to host your games (Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Zoom, etc.)
  • Email address you’ve used for your platform(s) (Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Zoom, etc)
  • Do you need pre-generated characters? We have six pregens levels 1-6.

Final Steps
Once we receive your email, we will confirm your details and register the event. Please do not register the event yourself, as we’d like to have unified and consistent messaging. Once registered, you will receive everything you need to run your event.

Once your games have been confirmed, feel free to promote your games on social media, tagging AAW Games wherever you may go!

Happy Gen Con 2020!

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Vasi’s Waterclock

An Aventyr Adventure location for characters of any level.  

Long ago, Vasi, the water goddess was blessed with a divine gift, born of Grekian ingenuity and Vasian faith. Built by her fervent followers, a world-clock running solely on water, ran for generations. Four wells, each holding a gate to the Elemental Plane of Water, fed the clock and kept the gears turning, that is until the temple was attacked in a Chonian-Baevonian conflict. The priests, in an effort to safeguard the temple from attackers, closed the gates, causing the clock to grind to a stop. 

Vasi’s faithful rediscovered the old temple and wanted it retaken from the new occupants, followers of a dark elder god who have been using the old wells as summoning shrines for devils and otherworldly aberrations. The creatures summoned have been magically merged with the gears and innards of the clockwork waterclock, becoming clockwork horrors.  

Before you delve too far into this location, make sure to check out Restoration of Vasi’s Waterclock, a difficult adventure for four characters levels 5-7 available in Mini-Dungeon Monthly issue #9. 

Discovery of the WaterclockThe adventurers may discover this location before or after it has been cleansed. Regardless, the waterclock is not functioning because two vital gears are missing and lost somewhere in the complex. If the characters can get the clock functioning again, they will help bring water to both sides of the mountains. The clock helps feed water out in both directions and the location is situated in a mountainous region perfectly centered to let gravity carry the water down both sides of the pass via two small rivers. 


Vasi’s Waterclock Temple

Doors. Solid iron, 3” thick, AC 20, 8d8 HP. Locked: DC 16 Dexterity check with thieves’ tools.

Walls. Solid stone, coated in Grekian ore, 1-2.5’ thick, AC 30, 20d8 HP. 

Creatures. If the characters have never been here, there are automatons, aberrations, and an evil cult dwelling in this facility as described in Mini-Dungeon Monthly issue #9. If the characters have already cleansed the temple, the place is devoid of enemies but acolytes and priests of Vasi start arriving within 2d4 weeks to take possession, pray, and meditate. 

  1. Vasi’s Waterclock
    The waterclock is ancient and has seen better days. Most of the gears are loose and the entire machine could use some handiwork. Only a skilled gnome from Pradjna making a successful DC 15 Dexterity check (using a toolbox) has the abilities necessary to give this old monstrosity a tune-up. Even without a tune-up, once the two missing gears have been replaced and all four wells have been restored (see Mini-Dungeon Monthly #9), the machine works as intended for 1d4 months before breaking down. The two missing gears are hidden somewhere in the complex (GM’s choice) and can be spotted by actively searching an area with a DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check.

    Tolkvye, Acolyte of Vasi

    Chonian boy, only fifteen summers old is the only representative of Vasi present here. Recently blessed as an acolyte of Vasi, Tolkvye is bit fearful of his new position but cheerful about the prospects of the fresh water flowing (or soon to be flowing) toward his homeland of former ChoniaTolkvye wants to share the water not only with his people but with all the peoples of the region and the wildlife as well. His mind and viewpoint are not as closed and narrow as many of the grownups in Chonia and Baevonia due to his parents being open-minded and the fact that the majority of the fighting did not come close to his home village, thus he does not harbor the hatred most Chonians have for the Baevonians
    Tolkvye is happy to help the adventurers however possible and share any information about Vasi and the waterclock that he knows.

    Four pillars

    Each of these ancient stone pillars bears an inscription in Grekian which glows with a faint red-orange light when approached. While difficult to translate, each of the inscriptions holds a riddle which, if solved, opens a small slot on the pillar, producing a potion of greater healing.
    Pillar 1. A metal neither black nor red, as heavy as man’s golden greed, what you do to stay ahead, with friend or foe or arrow and steed. 
    Answer: Lead
    Pillar 2. I can be a burden, but also comforting, my grasp holds bones and muscles, strange, we are such small things, sometimes you hide me, but mostly show me off, most of the poor have me although many times over by the toff. 
    Answer: Ring
    Pillar 3. All across the countryside, to front doors he travels, but you never invite him in. 
    Answer: Path
    Pillar 4. Answers its caller without being asked, responds within seconds and speaks all languages with equal ease. 
    Answer: Echo

  2. Myth Well
    The corridor leading to this room is lined in metal engraved depictions of a grand scene, a mural of sorts. In the scene, a small boy stands against a menacing army, quite obviously outmatched and outnumbered. In the next scene the boy offers up a cup of water from the river, one soldier drinks, then many, and finally, the last image shows the army has drunk their fill. They are displayed smiling and moving on down the river toward a great city in the flat expanse at the base of a great mountain range. 
    Test at the Myth Altar. 
    One who wishes for Vasi’s blessing or to become a follower, cleric, or paladin of Vasi must take a test at each of the four wells.
    This altar carved from sandstone has the imprint of a hand upon it.
    When a humanoid presses their hand into the depression, the altar begins to pulsate with warm orange light. The whispers of many stories can suddenly be heard in many tongues drifting in and out of earshot for anyone in the room. Meanwhile, only the one taking the test sees a glowing form arise from the sandstone of the altar and speak aloud “Take some time in thought and meditation, then come back to me with the greatest tale one has ever told.”
    The player must craft a tale for their character to tell but it is important to note that there are no rules for this. The tale can be as short or as long as the player wishes, award experience based on how well-received and/or related to Vasi (water) the story is. 
    After inserting their hand and telling the tale, the altar glows and the orange light goes into the character’s hand, staying there one hour after leaving the temple or until all four altars have been visited and tests completed.
  3. Faith Well
    The corridor is decorated with metal etchings constructing an expansive mural. On the mural, a woman holds her hands up against monumental walls of water, as if parting the ocean, on either side of her to protect some small and helpless children and baby animals. In the scenes after this, the children and animals are gathered up and taken to safety by a group of Vasi’s followers.
    Test at the Faith Altar. 
    One who wishes for Vasi’s blessing or to become a follower, cleric, or paladin of Vasi must take a test at each of the four wells.
    This altar is not visible to the naked eye but maybe felt, just not seen. There is a depression for a humanoid’s hand but again, it can only be felt.
    When a humanoid presses their hand into the depression, the altar appears, made entirely of water. If touched it shudders almost as if water, floating in space, and surrounded by a thin gelatinous layer, holding it all together. So long as the character believes the altar is there, and their hand is inserted, the other characters will catch glimpses as well but never fully focus on the altar unless already a follower of Vasi. 
    The character is asked to name three things that cannot be proven to exist but yet are believed in nevertheless. 
    Answers can be varied thus are open to your interpretation and acceptance, use the group at the table to weigh whether or not something works. Once the character has chosen 3 distinct things they believe in but cannot be proven to exist, the altar glows blue and imbues this energy into the character’s hand. The blue glow continues up to 1 hour after leaving the temple or until all four altars and tests have been visited and completed.
  4. Prayer Well.
    The entire prayer room is open to the rest of the temple. Anyone and everyone is welcomed into this room to pray and give their respects to Vasi. Sometimes, one must wait their turn to use the altar as it has more functions than just to convert new followers. 
    Test at the Prayer Altar. 
    One who wishes for Vasi’s blessing or to become a follower, cleric, or paladin of Vasi must take a test at each of the four wells.
    This altar is built of layers upon layers of prayers written on papyrus by thousands of Vasian clergy. Many of the prayers are written in dead languages and contain some of the earliest recorded prayers known to the church. A depression in the shape of a bare foot is imbedded in the top of the altar. If the character inserts their foot, they suddenly find themselves kneeling upon a beach of endless sands and ever-reaching waves and water. The wind blows gently upon their face and no one is anywhere in sight. The other adventurers only see their friend in fervent prayer or meditation with eyes closed and bonded with the altar. 
    Once the character stops worrying about where to find anyone or where they are, kneels and begins to pray to Vasi, the character will be returned (in their mind) to their body. The altar glows white and this radiating holy light surrounds the character’s foot which glows for 1 hour after leaving the temple or until all the tests have been completed.
  5. Truth Well.
    The corridor to the truth well has many sayings about telling the truth, etched in Grekian upon the walls, such as:  
    “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”  
    “Truth is the daughter of time.” 
    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
    Test at the Truth Altar.
    One who wishes for Vasi’s blessing or to become a follower, cleric, or paladin must take a test at each of the four wells.
    This altar is built of solid Grekian ore and imbued with magic to directly connect believers to Vasi’s proxies for judgment. It is the last well visited during the tests while the others may be taken in any order. 
    Taking this test can be dangerous for mortals or those unaware of the immense power of the planes. When a foot is inserted into the depression in the top of this altar one completely disappears from this plane of existence and appears upon a small demi-plane hidden within Vasi’s aspergillum. An entire world exists within this weapon filled with holy water, complete with an underwater city growing naturally on all sides and at all angles of the hollow top of the god’s great artifact. The character finds themselves swimming through this place with the ability to breathe the water in and out of their lungs like gills. Make sure the player knows they are actually there and this is no longer just in their mind. 
    A short quest takes places which is entirely up to you. The character might be asked to retrieve an item or deliver a message to or for one of Vasi’s great proxies. They will become intimately familiar with the proxy who will be granting their spells via a powerful conduit to the material plane where the character primarily exists. Once this short quest or errand has been completed, the character will be transported back to their plane where they find themselves standing before the altar. They have completed the final test and their other foot glows with a green energy. These colors all join together and engulf the character until their entire being is changed, they find themselves clean, rested, fully healed, all curses and negative conditions removed, they are under the effects of a bless spell for 1 hour and anyone currently hunting or pursuing them is magically called elsewhere after which the character becomes an afterthought. The clergy wants to make sure that each new priest or follower is completely unburdened from previous obligations in life and will also write letters and make payments accordingly so that the individual can stay with the temple as long as possible. If this just won’t do, they will leave things as they are and encourage the priest to come back often to visit and continue spreading Vasi’s name into the world.

    After the Final Test.
    This character has become a full-fledged follower of Vasi, either a 1st level cleric or paladin or taking Vasi on as one of their chosen top 3 most revered deities. The Aventyr Campaign Setting dictates a “top three” for chosen reverence, with the ability to worship as many deities as one wishes. Clerics and Paladins must choose their top 1 deity to revere (as their connection to the planes and source of spells) with others listed as favored allies and friends of their god (and thus sometimes called upon).  

Tolkvye’s Quests

Starting out, Tolkvye is just an acolyte but depending upon the adventurer’s actions both in Restoration of Vasi’s WaterclockMini-Dungeon Monthly issue #9 and the upcoming Ruins of Rultmoork, Tolkvye might be the new high priest, albeit the lowest level high priest in all of Aventyr but the high priest nonetheless. If this is the case, he will have a series of quests that he needs to be performed for the good of the faith, the local wildlife, and all the peoples and races in the area.  

  • Taking holy healing water to Baevonia Pass. Reward: 100 GP
    Tolkvye would like nine potion-sized and two large sealed silver vessels of holy healing water (healing potion/holy water) delivered to the general of the Baevonian military (ruler of these mountains). He would also like the character to invite the general and his advisors and top aides to visit Vasi’s Waterclock and see the great wonders inside.  
  • Find the lost mother of the mountain lion kittens. Reward: 50 GP and two mountain lion kittens
    A litter of rare mountain lion kittens was discovered by one of the priests on their way back from the Gate of Bones. The mother was nowhere to be seen and a predator was trying to get at the helpless little things. The cleric drove the predatory away and carefully swooped up the kittens in his satchel to carry back here. Now, the mother cannot be found and the character’s help is needed. The priests don’t have much to give but they cannot raise all these kittens on their own and thus need to get them back to the mother. Is the mother still alive or was she slaughtered in the wilderness?  
  • Delivering much-needed water to remote locations. Reward: 50 GP per
    There are 2d4+4 small settlements within a 1d4+2×10 mile radius that require water. Tolkvye would like the adventurers to deliver this as soon as possible. 
  • Return an assassin’s weapon. Reward: Death or Coin
    A silver-coated +1 dagger with the blue and silver Baevonian colors and a spot to insert vials (presumably poison) was found in the rocks outside the temple a few days ago. It is assumed to be from Baevonia Pass and possibly property of the Baevonians but no one in the temple wants to return the dagger. If the characters take this dagger back to the pass and begin asking questions they might be targeted by a secret group of assassins that work directly for the general of Baevonia. Or, they might just score 500 GP and orders to never speak of this again. 
  • Take a message to Trulla’s Trovers. Reward: 100 GP
    A nearby group of treasure hunters named “Trulla’s Trovers” has been located and they have an encampment or base somewhere nearby. Tolkvye would like to reach out to them and invite them not only to visit the temple but to eat a meal together and share in the glory of Vasi. Tolkvye is accepting of all people regardless of their moral pursuits or political viewpoints or even group affiliations and religions, it is his conviction that by accepting all, more will find and share the love of Vasi, thereby reincarnating love in this part of the world once again.  

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Mercuria, the Luck Goddess

Mercuria, the Luck Goddess

Titles Lady Luck, Clover of Creation, Fickle Fortune, Serendipity’s Smile

Home Aventyr, currently in the Disputed Territories

Alignment Chaotic Neutral (deity), CN, CG, N (clergy)

Portfolio Luck, games of chance, freedom, balance through chaos

Worshippers Swashbucklers, gamblers, daredevils, adventurers, bards

Domain Luck

Favored Weapon Luck Blade



The moment the universe was born, the miraculous burst of light and life was the unconscious dream of Mercuria’s mother in another dimension. Mercuria began much as an infant does and how the universe did, small and without knowledge or wisdom and in her case, no one to instruct her. Much of her life and that of Aventyr’s came to be due to luck, a strange force Mercuria found within herself and motes (some hidden in music) scattered throughout the universe. As she grew and matured, Lady Luck found that she could control the outcome of events, especially those of a chaotic and free nature simply by willing it so, and it wasn’t long before those in perilous and astounding situations would begin to call upon her for help. There’s a reason why the word “godsend” is synonymous with luck.

Churches, Clergy, Worship

There are no proper churches or temples dedicated to the Clover of Creation, but shrines to Mercuria can be found throughout Aventyr, especially in the wilderness and in and around dangerous ruins or catacombs. It is said that one faithful to Lady Luck who prays at a shrine will receive her blessing for the rest of the day (reroll natural 1s).

Holy Text

There are no holy texts proper for Mercuria as she is too flighty and chaotic to be tied to such things as the order and words of humanoidkind. That said, there have been moments of divine musical inspiration by a select few prodigal composers in Aventyr which brought about songs which, when performed by a maestro, bring luck to all whose ears are blessed with the miraculous melody (Advantage on all Rolls for the rest of the day). When these same songs are performed by lesser-known musicians, a similar effect occurs but only for a short while.

Luck in your game

A special blessing from Mercuria carries special advantages and the ability to carve out a good amount of luck in your favor. For a certain amount of time (determined by GM) after receiving a special blessing from a high priest, proxy of, or Lady Luck herself, one will enjoy some or all of the following listed benefits.

Always wins/succeeds at: Initiative rolls, Saving Throws, games of chance, and rerolls all ones and twos.

Mercuria’s Blessing of Good Fortune

For those who have been blessed by Mercuria herself, and in addition to the luck listed previously, one also enjoys Advantage and the ability to count all natural ones rolled as successes. In addition, somehow, whenever things seem bleakest, a person with Mercuria’s Blessing of Good Fortune is whisked out of harm’s way. This effect is not permanent.

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AAW Games Announces Vinyl Battle Map Project with Monthly Releases


AAW Games announces Map of the Month, a new monthly service providing tabletop gaming enthusiasts with a brand new, vinyl battle map for use in any tabletop miniatures or roleplaying game.

These beautiful vinyl battle maps are being designed by award-winning mapmaker Tommi Salama, printed by Gale Force Nine™ (Dungeons & Dragons™, Star Trek™, Firefly™ game accessories), and published by AAW Games™. Each map has a unique location with a 20″ x 30″ grid of 1″ squares.

Owner/publisher Jonathan G. Nelson is hopeful about the Map of the Month service being popular and filling a need for those gamers who still want to play using traditional 3D miniatures and maps around the table with friends. With all the digital options, it is sometimes easy to forget that some people still want the tactile experience of play.

If all goes well, Jonathan says AAW Games will continue to produce new maps every month and send them out to an exclusive group of gaming enthusiasts.

If you’d like to learn more, you’d better hurry. AAW Games plans on these being collectible, limited-edition items with just 100 maps being produced each month.

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Vasi, Goddess of Water 

Titles Lady of the Lake, Mother of the Ocean, Pearls of the Mist, Tears of the Eternal Bath 

Home The Plane of Water 

Alignment N (deity), N/NG (clergy) 

Portfolio Freshwater, lakes, pools, oases, grottos, springs, peace, life, wisdom 

Worshippers Widely worshipped, heavily revered by those in dry areas 

Domain Water 

Favored Weapon Aspergillum as a tall metal staff 



Born of a single drop from the Elemental Plane of Water, Vasi came to Aventyr by sheer luck when the original four elementals collided in the vast empty abyss of space. Unaware of her true power and acting only of universal impulse, Vasi embraced earth, fire, and air, to create Aventyr itself, and through this formation, the freshwater with which to rain down and cover the world. While others would end up as caretakers over the brackish depths where earth and water bled too deeply together, Vasi was the guardian of it all.  

After she adopted to the needs of those mortals living in Aventyr, and after the Shard of the Sun nearly collided with the planet, Vasi took to caring for those lacking water, sending her clergy into the Scorched Lands to find, save, and possibly convert those who would surely have died in the desert wastes.  



Churches, Clergy, and Worshippers

Vasi’s shrines and temples are found near deep grottos and remote mountain lakes, anywhere there is a clean source of freshwater, a small shrine is found nearby. Worshippers are many and their influence spread far and wide in Aventyr, for all need water to survive. 

Those who revere the Lady of the Lake frequently help others in need of water and provide safe shelter from the horrors of the world. While outsiders are welcome to cradle in the Tears of the Eternal Bath for a time, they are eventually asked to stay and become priests or leave, back to the world from whence they came.  


Holy Text 

The Mi’unin is a tome born during the reign of the Grekians and when recited by each of the 92 high priests of Vasi at once, in all 92 shrines, and in unison for 92 days and 92 nights, brings about The Great Flood. An event which, in the past, covered large sections of Aventyr in water and even caused the level of the seas to rise.  


Example of a Shrine/Temple 

Vasi’s Grotto

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Settingcontent.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!

World Map: Locations Nearby

Wayward Inn

Beldam of Stygian Glade

Ogre Canyon

Ruins of Wo’Mataja

K’Tarik, Sanctuary of Scattered Souls

Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes

Vasi’s Grotto

Baevonian Pass



Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Artist © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved. 

Cartographer Justin Andrew Mason

Vegan Thai Food Araya’s Place


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Beldam of Stygian Glade


Beldam of Stygian Glade is an adventure location and scenario for four to six characters of levels 4-7

In a deep, dark forest there lives an old witch named Nayowayown who, long ago, was a very healthy and levelheaded young woman. In the early days, when war came to the forest village, the woman’s husband and his forces tried to protect everyone, but the might of the enemy was too great; he was slain on the battlefield in what is now known as Stygian Glade. In this glade, the woman pined for her lover, perpetually cradling his corpse and building a hut made from the bones of his comrades.  

As the years crept on, she found a way to commune with the spirits of those slain and bring them back as ghostly apparitions to guard her hut, Stygian Glade, and the surrounding forest. She buried the bones of her enemies in the caves beneath her hut, destined to rise again if disturbed. 

Wandering Spirits

Nayowayown’s undead guardians have strayed too far from the forest and attack a traveling merchant who the characters encounter not far from the wood. The merchant begs for the party’s help, offering good coin. Once the battle has concluded she asks if they will investigate the forest and stop the undead attacks which have been plaguing this roadway for weeks. In return she will tell them the location where she camped one night and happened to see a group of Chonian bandits, moving treasure into a cave in the hills.  

Memories Remain 

If the characters enter the forest, they must make a successful DC 14 Wisdom save. 

If they fail, have the player roll 1d6. Any conditions listed below are automatically removed the instant the party leaves the forest. 

1 = The character hears whispering voices.
2 = Once per day the character is randomly attacked by a strange apparition wielding a longsword which automatically hits and causes 1d8+2 slashing damage. As soon as the character is hit the apparition vanishes into the forest.  
3 = In their peripheral vision the character keeps seeing something white and wispy moving. Once per day they are so distracted they follow the wispy object into the woods and could get lost if party members aren’t watching carefully. 
4 = Voices are heard in this character’s head, trying to convince them to kill one of their comrades as they sleep. There is a 10% chance per day the character will actually attempt this. 
5 = Someone keeps screaming in the night, the character cannot rest or sleep. 
6 = The character periodically thinks they are one of the warriors who died many years ago in a great battle. In combat there is a 10% chance per round that the character is confused 

Locations in East Wood

Forest within 1 mile of Nayowayown’s Hut 

Four specters and two ghosts attack the party. 


Approaching the Hut 

Three specters, two poltergeists, and a ghost attack. 

Nayowayown’s Hut 

If the characters are loud or boisterous in combat whilst fighting the undead, Nayowayown emerges from her hut and joins the fray, otherwise she won’t likely hear the combat as she hums an old song and stirs her pot of green goop. 

Nayowayown is a delusional and extremely paranoid green hag or night hag (depending upon party level).
She confronts the party, yelling “You killed my husband, invaded our forest, and destroyed our village; now you will pay!” she uses a wand of paralysis (as a bonus action once per round) and attacks.  

1d2+1 rounds after any character enters the hut, the bones of Nayowayown’s enemies begin to shuffle through the caves below and enter the hut via a rickety old ladder.

A DC 18 Charisma (Persuasion) check convinces Naywayown to cease her assault but she cannot stop the undead.  

Beneath the Hut 

A rickety old ladder made from the gnarled fallen limbs of old trees descends into dark caverns below the hut and forest. This area is detailed in Mini-Dungeon Monthly #6. 


Treasure in these Woods? 

There is a rumor of great riches hidden somewhere in the forest, possibly the reason the two armies warred. This rumor is partially true in that a large hoard of coins, weapons, and armor are stored away in ancient Grekian vaults, now buried deep beneath the woods. These vaults are haunted by the spirits and undead of the slain. Only one has entered and returned, a thief named Swyl who frequents the Wayward Inn 

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!


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Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes

Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes 

An Aventyr Adventure for four to six characters of 2nd-3rd level 

Jonathan G. Nelson 


Pillars of the Planes is a Chonian nickname for Y’Quenar, a planar temple dedicated to the far-reaching pantheon of multiverse deities. This temple was constructed and imbued with planar energies by the ancient Grekians who once lived in the city of Grekia, the current location of Lake Chonia. The Grekians were not henotheists, nor were they monotheistic polytheists, they were true polytheists and worshiped all the gods equally, understanding the importance of balance in all things. To that end, they imbued the essence of each and every plane in the multiverse into the temple and the pillars was the entry and exit point of such energy and the connection directly to each of these planes.  

Long a source of spiritual guidance and the place Grekians would go to “find themselves”, the Pillars of the Planes was abandoned a hundred years or so after Grekia was destroyed. The ancestors of the Grekians became Chonians and Baevonians and life went on. The temple was forgotten a time. 

Then, a few years back, a devil-worshipping cult came to the Pillars of the Planes, discovered the connection to Hel and used only that one pillar to tap into true infernal essence, channeling it to the surface of Aventyr 

The cultists built a statue representing their god and imbued it with the infernal essence, thereby granting it the ability to manifest as a true devil, within this plane of existence. Their greatest treasure, a book of all the ancient Grekian locations left in the world, was placed in a treasure chest which would be guarded by the statue while the cult left to find these other locations, and start new sects throughout the land. The cultists delved too deep in their next endeavor and were never heard from again.  

Recently, the remnants of a Chonian army took refuge within these walls and some of the survivors were subsequently possessed by infernal malevolence. They conceal their true nature until they venture out to brutally sacrifice all who cross their path in order to appease the devil overlord. 

Character States 

(L) signifies a lawful character who is unaware of the possession effect. (L) characters become (S) when faced with evidence, or on a DC 12 Charisma (Persuasion) check.
(S) signifies a suspicious character that has encountered strange occurrences. 
(P) signifies a possessed character who acts convincingly to (L) or (S) characters, but displays their true nature and intent once alone or with other (P) characters. 

Interaction with the party
(S) who become aware of (P) and are convinced of their evil intentions, will assist the party if combat breaks out; (L) characters will not and may even oppose the party. Roleplay the interaction, changing states accordingly. Use whatever NPC statistics work best for the level of the party: guardacolytepriestveteran, or those provided below.


  1. Pillars of the Earth
    Each of these pillars is engraved with a runic depiction of a plane. The first four are Hel (LE), Hades (NE), the Abyss (CE), and Limbo (CN). The second four are Olympus (CG), the Seven Heavens (LG), Elysium (NG), and Nirvana (LN). If anyone engraves the opposing planar rune on a pillar, that pillar explodes, causing 14 (4d6) bludgeoning damage in a 5- foot radius and crumbles to a pile of rubble. A character touching a pillar opposing their alignment suffers 7 (2d4+2) force damage and is knocked prone (no saving throw). A character touching a pillar matching their alignment grants them a boon for the rest of the adventure (GM’s discretion). 
    2d4+8 guards are on duty here at any time of day. 80% (L), 10% (S), 10% (P) 
  2. Blessed by the Divine
    This room is the temporary home of numerous healers, all blessed by the deities to provide healing for the troops, and to any commoners seeking refuge here. They will heal anyone requiring assistance, regardless of alignment or affiliation. Six 3rd level clerics (life domain)4 (L), 1 (S), 1 (P) 
  3. Barracks of the Forgotten
    Once great warriors and veterans of long forgotten wars, the old swordsmen sleep a deep slumber steeped in depression and recurring nightmares of horrific wars long since ended. Twelve 6th level fighters (+2 weapons/armor) rest here. 9 (L), 2 (S), 1 (P)  
  4. Four Pyramid Puzzles
    There are four puzzles here which need to be assembled in order to open the door leading to area 5. The players may assemble their dice (or other available objects) in whatever fashion they wish in an attempt to construct four, stable pyramids. Grant inspiration or experience to those who think outside the box. Once four, stable pyramids have been constructed in real life, the door to area 5, will open.  
  5. Pillars of the Planes / Toll the Tormented
    This room is dedicated to the devil and its statue, still guarding the chest.There are twelve pillars, each holds a planar, runic depiction (analogue to area 1), but this set contains include four additional planes (GM’s choice). A character placing their hands upon a planar pillar of similar alignment may be imbued with a temporary boon (up to GM) while touching an opposing alignment may cause a bane, otherwise they act just like the pillars in area 1.
    Touching a Pillar of the Planes

    Each pillar touched, mentally takes the character into another plane of existence where they experience things as if they were there. GM’s must take some time to research each of the planes and be prepared to thematically describe each one a character may touch. Feel free to embellish, add boons, add banes, throw in additional scenarios, riddles, and more. Have fun with it!
    A treasure chest sits, covered in dust, upon a trapped dais, in the center of the room, underneath a looming devil statue.Trap on the Chest: A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) or DC 19 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals a trap on the chest. This trap may be disarmed with a successful DC 19 Dexterity (thieves’ tools) check.
    If the chest is touched before the trap is removed, the dais begins to descend into the ground at a rate of 5 feet per round for 4 rounds. Those standing upon the dais will descend with it. As soon as the dais begins to descend, acid begins to spray from the devil statue’s mouth, into the hole, covering all those within it in acid spray for 3 (1d6) acid damage. This continues each round as the dais descends. By the time the trap reaches the lowest point (20 feet down) the hole will be completely filled with slow-acting acid, causing 7 (2d6) acid damage per round to anyone (and any items) within the trapped area. Those trapped make all rolls at disadvantage and if remaining in the pools of acid for more than 6 rounds will automatically die and subsequently dissolve.Chest contents:An ancient tome titled Grekian Atlas and Historical Records – Volume 1 (2,854 pages, weighing 55 lbs.). This book contains antediluvian lore (leading to future adventures).Devil Statue:

    Must be destroyed (damage threshold 5, 25 hit points) in order to free the possessed survivors from possession effects, but initial attempts to do so unleash the following creature (based on average party level):Levels 1-2 = Vemix (bearded devil)
    Levels 2-3 = Xaxaxar (cambion)
    Levels 4-5 = YiXia (bone devil)
    Levels 6-7 = Yioaax (ice devil)
    The above devils are simply servants of the devil overlord, still sealed within the statue. If anyone actually destroys the statue, the devil overlord (type up to GM) will be unleashed and begin destroying the temple and everyone inside. 

To get the Pillars of the Planes adventure in PDF and print, subscribe to Mini-Dungeon Monthly at or purchase issue #6 on DriveThruRPG!

Purchase Mini-Dungeon Monthly #6!

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Settingcontent.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

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