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d100 – Spell Components

AI art of an arcane laboratory, vials, beakers, tubes, neon spell components

Being a list of flasks, boxes, beads, vials, tubes, and bags containing a bevy of knick knacks of interest only to those with arcane insight.

To get a random result, either use the standard d100 to get an even chance of any result or roll 11d10 (getting between 11 and 110) and take 10 from the result.

On average this will move the result to the middle of the table where spell components for cantrips, then Level 1 spells, then Level 2 and final Level 3 are situated. This second method makes it more likely that low-level components are found when a wizard is searched. Note: these components are intended to be found on low-level arcane casters.

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