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Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Fortunetelling Press


Fortunetelling Press Aura overwhelming divination; CL 20th Slot none; Weight 100 lbs. DESCRIPTION Made up of gears, wheels, levers, and rollers, this mechanical beast can produce a paper every few seconds. Once per day, a fortunetelling press can produce 10d100 identical newspapers. Most of the copy for each newspaper must be meticulously laid out prior to printing, a process that […]

Fiction Friday (Destiny Derailed): First Milestone


STEAMTOWN – PRADJNA  Borys never thought they’d make it. Despite blizzards, demons, unruly orcs and goblins, murderers and thieves, sinkholes, scavengers, accidents, route changes, and a turnover in company management, the Pradjna Northern Express Railroad has finally reached its first milestone. One hundred fresh miles of track lead out of Brahman, headed towards the mineral-rich […]

Story Locale (Destiny Derailed): Steamtown


There’s only one law in Steamtown, and that’s the company. They have only one rule—keep working. Now 100 miles away from Branham, Steamtown is a temporary, mobile town that provides living quarters, goods, and services for approximately 900 workers of the Pradjna Northern Express Railroad. Along with the laborers, there are approximately another 100 residents […]

Weird Wednesday (Destiny Derailed): Demons in the Tundra

Long before Pradjna was inhabited by humans and gnomes, demons roamed the lands, subjugating the native orcs, goblins, and other species into their own army. The predecessors to the current day inhabitants of the region drove the demons back. As the hellspawn vowed to return in 100 years, the sages concocted a clever plan—during the final […]

Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Frozen Ore Railroad Spike


Frozen Ore Railroad Spike Aura faint transmutation; CL 4th Slot none; Price 400 gp; Weight 1 lb. DESCRIPTION These spikes differ from their mundane counterparts in that they are slightly heavier and flecked with silver flakes. Frozen ore railroad spikes are used every so often to deter thieves, scavengers, and saboteurs. Once a rail is secured with […]

Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): Rumors of our Deaths are Greatly Exaggerated!


If the adventurers found Gyrick’s Journal, they are likely curious as to why he had such an accurate picture of the party; investigating the matter requires heading to Steamtown in Pradja. If the PCs did not play through Tribal Troubles, some other hook can be concocted to get the party there—they could have heard of injustices against demi-humans […]