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Mendacious Materials: Caster Cuffs Trap

Caster Cuffs Trap     CR 7 Type magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31 Trigger location (detect magic); Reset none Effect bound by magical masterwork manacles (DC 24 Reflex save negates); spell effect (antimagic field, suppresses all other magic effects for 2 hours) and multiple targets (all targets within 10 ft. of the bound creature) […]

Twin Crossings Extra Content #5 – Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 4

Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 4 Gopcheck knew now that he wasn’t going to get out of here alive. After fleeing from the airborne monsters—huge flying beasts that looked like a cross between a wasp and a spider—the last survivors fled into a cave near some hot springs deep in the hidden valley. […]

Twin Crossings Extra Content #4 – Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 3

Vale of the Spider Eaters – Part 3 Gopcheck’s face and hands were scratched and bleeding from running through the woods. This place was creepy—webs above in the forest canopy blocked much of the sun, and the undergrowth was thick. Suddenly, the frightened soldier stumbled onto a game path of some sort. He heard the […]

The Ring of Shifting Stars

The Ring of Shifting Stars Aura strong (all schools); CL 15th Slot ring; Weight — DESCRIPTION This pale golden ring is crowned with a large oval cabochon of bluish-black opal. The large gemstone’s surface is wrought with dozens of tiny silvery inclusions that cause the surface to appear like the star-filled night sky. These inclusions actually shift […]

Lesser Shining Star

Lesser Shining Star Aura weak transmutation; CL 3rd Slot ring; Price 7,600 gp; Weight — DESCRIPTION This simple iron band is topped by a curious ivory stone that glitters in the night. Every time one of the magic of one of these rings is activated, it twinkles with a brief illumination of starlight. In addition to replicating the effects […]

Box of Wonders

Box of Wonders (“Leahcim’s Game”) Aura overwhelming conjuration; CL 30th Slot none; Weight 25 lbs. DESCRIPTION The Box of Wonders is an otherwise nondescript wooden cube, extolled squarely in the center of its cover with the image of a multifaceted gemstone in amethyst hues. The container has been carved down from a large block of tranteum trunk […]

Rise of the Drow PDF is on sale now!

Ladies and gentlemen, subterranean and surface elves, traditionalist and radical dwarves—the Rise of the Drow PDF is now available! This enormous tome brings the fantastic trilogy of adventures detailing the dubious doings of the drow of Aventyr’s Underworld above the surface and into your game! Within the Rise of the Drow PDF you’ll find a multitude of veteran […]

Miraculous Misting Bellows

Miraculous Misting Bellows Aura moderate conjuration; CL 8th Slot none; Price 12,000 gp; Weight — DESCRIPTION This unremarkable tan bag has a fitted reservoir on the top and a splayed nozzle sticking out the side. If anything, it seems to be some kind of misshapen leather watering can. After filling the miraculous misting bellows (two full-round actions that provoke attacks […]

Anti-Vermin Powder

Anti-Vermin Powder Aura moderate abjuration; CL 7th Slot none; Price 700 gp; Weight 3 lbs. DESCRIPTION This heavy white powder weighs considerably more than one might expect. When uncorked it emanates a harsh, overpowering odor that makes the air around it taste just a little bit like copper. The enchanted dust in this flask has two properties. It may be […]

The Aawblog’s Diet Evolves!

After how delicious Cultus Sanguineus turned out to be, the AaWBlog has grown particular taste buds: every month is going to be devoted to one user-driven central theme to appease this voracious beast’s appetite! If you’re stopping by for the previews of upcoming material, author interviews, contests or news on Rise of the Drow, don’t worry; those posts […]