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Alin’s Almanac: Brunhilda

Brunhilda Flora

There was a queen who resided over Serpent Lake,
Whose like no one knew of anywhere.
She was exceedingly beautiful and great in physical strength.
She shot the shaft with bold knights — love was the prize.

An old saying about Brunhilda, passed down for generations through the Vikmordere tribes, this flower and plant are heavily used and greatly revered throughout the Vikmordere Valley.

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Acanthus’s Conundrums #10: Puzzles & Riddles for RPGs

rpg puzzles and riddles

Acanthus’s Conundrums is a weekly post that gives you a puzzle and three riddles to use in your roleplaying game. Each comes with a suggested solution but be generous to your players if they come up with a reasonable answer, especially with the riddles. These diversions aren’t meant to cause disagreements or slow the adventure down. Continue reading Acanthus’s Conundrums #10: Puzzles & Riddles for RPGs