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The website is almost done!

The website is almost complete!  After experimenting with hundreds of different layouts and images we are almost there!  It’s been a bit crazy and plagued with schizophrenia perfectionism.  Don’t ask me to define that, I just don’t know what I’m saying after an entire day spent staring at code.  I do know that I’m VERY pleased with our nearly finished product and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

I have finished the basic content for the campaign setting and 7 full adventures.  Todd is working on maps and illustrations for some of them as well as other imagery for the site that has yet to be implemented.

I am very excited to get this portion of work behind us.  I will begin focusing strictly on writing unique adventures and collaborating with Todd in creative pursuits of which you will reap the rewards!


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HTML, Salt & Vinegar, and Punk Rock

Another day spent editing text and html on the website. I can’t wait until the arduous work is through! Our true passion is creating fantasy worlds, drawing maps and illustrations, and crafting fine adventures to share with YOU and our own personal gaming group!

Soon I’ll be play testing these adventures with my friends gathered around the gaming table, eating way too many Tim’s Cascade Salt and Vinegar chips and drinking soda while laughing, talking, and rolling dice. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as we do crafting and testing them!

You probably won’t be reading this for a few months, but I wanted my first entry to be some ramblings during the construction phase of this site so we can look back at the days when I was all by my lonesome listening to bluegrass and punk rock plugging in code all day and night.