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Web Extras – Rise of the Drow: The Long Road

web extra 2 dwarves vs drow jpeg

This month there’s a grab bag of content from the AaWBlog for folks to enjoy! In addition to the normal magic items, traps, haunts, GM articles, sidequests and creatures you’re used to, for April we’ve got some high-quality cartography by Jonathan G. Nelson with Web Extras – Maps! These are ideal for GMs running Rise of the Drow, but can be used by any […]

[CONTEST] Enter AdventureAWeek.com’s Mapmaster Contest!

mapmaster logo

What is Mapmaster? Mapmaster is a cartography contest open to graphic designers and artists everywhere! If you have the chops and the skills needed to put together amazing, detailed maps, then roll initiative! Take a look at our contest guidelines and put together a basic concept map that exhibits your design expertise—no vases on night stands […]

NERD TREK interview with Matt Wilson of Privateer Press!

Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer of Privateer Press & Director of the film Wolfsbane sat down with NERD TREK for an exclusive interview.  Privateer Press is responsible for the WARMACHINE product line as well as HORDES, IRON KINGDOMS, and No Quarter Magazine.  The movie Wolfsbane is Wilson’s first foray into the film industry and is a steam-punk twist on […]