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Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash): Automatic Eviscerator

Automatic Eviscerator      CR 13

Type magical; Perception DC 37; Disable Device DC 38
Trigger location; Reset automatic
Effect spell effect (elemental magic missile; 1d4+1 acid, 1d4+1 cold, 1d4+1 electric, 1d4+1 fire, 1d4+1 force; 10% chance to become sickened [acid], fatigued [cold], confused [electric], lit on fire [fire], or deafened [force] for 1d6+2 rounds, DC 21 Fort negates); multiple targets (all targets within line of sight)

automatic evisceratorThe 5 barrels of an automatic eviscerator drip an unknown, slimy orange substance. Originally designed to agitate alligotonium in engines, it quickly became known as the automatic eviscerator after tinkerers modified automatic agitators into weapons. The creator of the device added the additional effects to make it more entertaining when trespassers stumbled into the deadly trap and since then, both the Banlan Brotherhood and the Orders of Timeaus have been disabling these contraptions rather than destroying them. More often than not, an automatic eviscerator is re-purposed (likely at great physical cost) rather than built from scratch.

They are a common (and quite deadly) deterrent found in the sewers of Nyamo and the homes of the more powerful (and less friendly) mages there, but are ubiquitous in the Timeaus Production Yards. With the abundance of parts available there, any damaged automatic agitators are scrapped to be remade into accurate, dangerous automatic eviscerators.


[Submitted by Tim Snow!]

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AaWBlog Adventure Path: Banlan Backlash, Uralicans Uncut

The AaWBlog’s appetite knows no bounds, and the adventure path continues well past the Disputed Territories and Pradja.

Taking a valuable shipment of alligotonium down to Timeaus, the PCs are suddenly and inexplicably transported into an ambush beneath the authoritarian city of Nyamo! Throughout the month they fight off thieves, deceive guards, and either infiltrate or protect the airship production yards of the High Mages there. Whether the adventurers side with the (unjust) rulers or the beleaguered resistance movement, they ultimately leave the conflict on an airship!

Aventyr v4You are encouraged to check out these pieces of content for the adventure path here!


Naturally, the PCs don’t get very far in their airborne vessel—a magical mishap sends them tumbling through dimensions to the strange demiplane of Uklonjen in Uralicans Uncut. Here the AaWBlog Adventure Path brings PSIONICS into the mix, as well as space jamming and all kinds of good stuff: portals to HEL, gateways to the Plane of Ooze, and all the cosmic adventure you can shake a stick at!

The summaries for November are here and here.


But we aren’t done yet!
The AaWBlog Adventure Path continues in January with Lands of Ludolog—we’ll see you then!

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Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash!): Vacuum Mines

god tear pearl


Vacuum Mines Trap – CR 10 

A translucent something ahead of you pops. Suddenly, you find yourself freezing and gasping for air!

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger location; Reset none


 The air in and around the party vacates and the temperature drops. Up to 9 creatures in a 40-ft.-radius take cold damage and suffocate. Vacuum (1d6 cold damage per round, DC 23 Will Save per round for 18 rounds. If one save is failed, target falls unconscious and is dropped to 0 hit points. The second failed save reduces the target to -1 hit points and he is dying. The third failed save kills the target); multiple targets( 9 creatures within 50′ of the of the airship)

The airship immediately falls 50 feet (as there is no air immediately around it) and continues to fall, spiraling out of control before crashing in 1d10+6 rounds without a DC 25 Profession (sailor) or Profession (soldier) check; alternatively, a DC 30 Knowledge (engineering) check can be used as a substitute.

The airspace above Nyamo contains secret defenses that few know about, and several spheres of airspace have been mined with vacuum mines. Even in the official Nyamo air brigade, only the captains and a few select officers know of the existence and location of these dangerous traps. The vacuum mines are housed in small, 9-inch glass spheres that float in the air—they are very difficult to spot and burst if an airship gets within 25 ft., setting off the above trap. An old story that circulates in Nyamo tells of an attack from a griffon mounted wizard army. As the citizens huddled, the onslaught of spells never materialized—instead, frozen griffons and asphyxiated wizards rained down on the city.
This attack is the only known attempt to take Nyamo by air.