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Foul Machinations: Awake in Alucinar

ameslari 2

  Somnambular skurgxon swarms introduced the party to the Plane of Dreams, though those unwilling to step through the portal onto the Dreaming Island can make due with the Dreaming Fields’ bounty. Once there the PCs encounter Sleepless Sonuvanje, a dreaming dragon that escorts the adventurers into the custody of ameslari (a new player race native […]

Awake in Alucinar: Dreamblade


Dreamblade Aura overwhelming illusion; CL 16th Slot none; Weight 4 lbs. A dreamblade is an intelligent longsword created when an ameslari freely gives their essence over to be fashioned into a weapon. This process is irreversible and constitutes the death of the ameslari, though their sentience remains intact within the dreamblade. An ameslari cannot be […]

Awake in Alucinar: Ameslari (New Player Race)

ameslari race project file

AMESLARI The ameslari are rarities in their native dimension of Alucinar and virtually unheard of in Aventyr. These anomalies are not naturally occurring and do not possess true souls of their own—they are the accrued essence of intelligent creatures that died while sleeping or within the boundaries of the Plane of Dreams. Being composed of […]

Awake in Alucinar: Walking the Path

walking the path

After the PCs encounter Sleepless Sonuvanje while making their way across the surreal landscape of Alucinar, the dragon—unusually weary—leads them to a caravan of ameslari [a new player race! Tomorrow! —MM] traveling along one of the Dreaming Island’s major roads. The dreaming dragon is happy to answer a few questions about Alucinar (up to 1d4+1) […]

Awake in Alucinar: Sleepless Sonuvanje

Sleepless Sonuvanje

Stephni’s stomach churned as she trod through the portal spawned by the strange creatures that attacked but an hour ago, questioning her sanity with each step. The rest of the group had voted however, and the majority decided that with no other leads that the gateways were the most advantageous way forward. So it was, she […]

Awake in Alucinar: Cinar Boundary

cinar boundary haunt

CINAR BOUNDARY      CR 10 XP 9,600 N Persistent haunt (50-ft.–1,000-ft.-radius around Alucinar) Caster Level 10th Notice Perception DC 14 (to see a miasma of green energy) hp 45; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute Effect The cinar boundary is triggered when a creature experiencing dual-existence on Alucinar (either from a somnambular skurgxon swarm’s attack or […]

Awake in Alucinar: Alu Boundary Trap

alu boundary trap

Alu Boundary Trap     CR 12 Type magic; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31 Trigger location; Reset automatic reset Effect mired in dual-existence on Alucinar (50% chance each round of combat to become incorporeal; condition persists for 1d4 days; DC 17 Will save negates); multiple targets (any creature with an Intelligence of 1 or greater […]