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Aventyr Bestiary: Pathfinder 3PP Monsters Announced!


With the $14,000 stretch goal for Brian Berg behind us I think it’s high time we reveal the monsters our amazing Pathfinder third party publishers have dreamed up for you. Keep in mind, we still have to hit the next three stretch goals in order to get all these monsters into the Aventyr Bestiary (so spread the word while there’s still time!)

I have to say that I am absolutely honored to have these incredible creative minds on board for this project and hope you’re as excited as I am to see these four creations come to fruition. We were already secretly working on the art behind the scenes and Mates Laurentiu of Romania just sent me the final creation today… thus, the reveal…(scroll down if you dare!)



Pebbled hide as strong as stone, claws that snatch a marching hero or his careless mule underwater, and the ability to shatter steel–these are the dangers of the Lake Troll. They love to lurk along lake shores and riverbanks or (better still) at bridges, fords, and crossings, the easier to drag prey under and drown it. But they are not merely ambush predators: in small families and clans, they hollow out whole villages and squat in the ruins, devouring all the inhabitants and gorging themselves on the poor villagers’ supplies and livestock. A few even hide in wells and cisterns, leaving by night to raid sheep or snatch careless members of the city watch….

Wolfgang Baur is the publisher at Kobold Press. He is a game designer and editor known for his work with Dragon magazine, the Dark*Matter setting, and the 5th Edition D&D adventure path Tyranny of Dragons. Kobold Press is also known for its platinum-selling Midgard Campaign Setting, recently expanded to include the Southlands region for desert, jungle, and savanna adventures.

Southlands is the newest product line from Kobold Press. Check it out at Kobold Press, Paizo, or DTRPG.



The suzalisk is a herald of discord, soaring on wings of woe. Tainted offspring with blended yet disharmonious spirits, suzalisks lash out with blazing fury, leaving ashes and sorrow in their wake.

Jason Nelson is the publisher of Legendary Games and a longtime freelancer with Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, and other companies. Check out the Legendary Planet Kickstarter as it heads into its final weekend!


(working title)

A magical beast that is a melding of volcanic rock and pestilence – it incubates in diseased piles of decaying flesh. Germs from corpses are trapped in volcanic rock as it incubates. The creature delivers disease and has fire resistance that protects it from full immersion in lava for a specified number of rounds. It explodes in disease-ridden ash when slain.
Monster type concept by Brian Berg (TPK Games), description and creative ideas by Michael Allen (

Brian Berg is the owner and publisher of TPK Games. Check out TPK Games recently funded Wardens of the Wild Kickstarter.



The magekiller golem is a walking answer to why people play fighters! Enjoying the immunities of a construct and a persistent antimagic field, armed with automatic repeating crossbows, a reach weapon, and a prismatic sphere, the magekiller golem can also track the destination of teleportation spells even following its targets onto other planes!

Owen K.C. Stephens is a developer for Paizo and Green Ronin, and the publisher for Rogue Genius Games. He just released Anachronistic Adventures, a 132-page Pathfinder-compatible supplement for playing pulp adventure campaigns.

Remember: Only ONE of these stretch goals are unlocked yet, we need your help to unlock the rest! Please do your part and share the Kickstarter far and wide, ask your fellow GMs to back, post in forums and social media, and let’s make sure this book is jam packed full of these amazing monstrosities!


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Thank you! Our backers are amazing and we look forward to bringing you another fantastic tome for the Pathfinder RPG!

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Story Locale (Uralicans Uncut): HEL’s Uklonjen Gateway


In the world of Aventyr, HEL is the destination of souls with owners foolish enough to trade them for power in life or whom worshipped dark and evil powers, a realm concealed deep below the surface. Many find refuge in other planes when their mortal coil shuffles off, but those ill of heart or who deny the existence of the gods make their way beneath the chasms of the Underworld. Their corpses feed the eternal fires beneath Aventyr, building more layers to the realm of the dead or fueling the slow, unyielding movements of tectonic plates.

Powerful dwarves forever tied to HEL oversee it all, stewards of the creatures that dwell in the realm of the dead. Gitwerc are not the only means to fall beneath to this concealed place of eternal struggle, and HEL’s draw for souls proves inescapable for most mortals. The stout but incredibly powerful kings of the Underworld live in conclaves surrounded by lava, and below their settlements flows a vast riverway of weapons—axes, spears, and swords from countless battles throughout history. Crossing this barrier is the last step for most of Aventyr’s souls, and the tales of what lay beyond are too few and far between to be a reliable source of information, and what the gitwerc reveal is never known long enough to be shared with others.

cave backgroundThere are other ways to HEL, however, and a gateway to Aventyr’s realm of the dead exists in Uklonjen. The portal has been open for time immemorial, bleeding out dangerous effects into the demiplane. These psionic effects float across space, reaching out to any mind able to grasp upon them, warping wayward travelers to eventually fall into an early afterlife. All other transition points to HEL—including the Amber and Rhizomorph Roads—share these anomalies, which continue until the dimensional passage to the place of the dead is closed. How commonly creatures are subjected to the anomalies and the power of their effects are determined by where the passage to HEL is connected to.
HEL’s Psionic Influence in Uklonjen
In Uklonjen, the touch of Aventyr’s afterworld bleeds out as psionic energy, touching upon any mind that comes within 20 miles of the gateway.

  • All sleeping creatures within this sphere of influence must make a DC 20 Will save or be compelled unknowingly with a curiosity about what lay in the direction of the gateway.
  • The influence of the mysterious entities in HEL cast foreboding illusions that fill those who see them and fail a DC 22 Will save with dread, giving them the shaken condition for 1d4 hours if the travel towards them (encouraging travelers to head toward the gateway).
  • Whenever a creature begins to feel doubt, they are reminded of childhood memories that reinforce the need to show caution—recollections of broken limbs, scalded fingers, and stubbed appendages fill the mind of anything that fails a DC 24 Will save.
  • The center of the sphere is obscured from view, appearing to be a warm, radiant orange glow that fills souls that gaze upon it with encouragement. Only a DC 45 Perception check (reduced by 1 for every 2 miles closer to the gateway a creature is) can pierce this misleading veil.
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Leahcim the Prankster and Mischievous Meadows

Titles: The Clever Shadow
Symbol: Spinning 8-faceted gem
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Chance, Guile, Illusion, Misfortune, Self-Determination, Thieves
Domains: Chaos, Entropy, Deception, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapons: Scimitar, Shortbow
Favored Animals Any beast with camouflage or mimicry (such as a chameleon, stick bug, etc)


The Aventyr god known as Leahcim was once a forgotten deity, supplanted by the doings of the colloid aeons before it ever reached the Underworld. Once a treasured god of cunning and wisdom, he was left bereft in the void of the cosmos—when Leahcim stared into the void, something from the far beyond stared back. Now slightly deranged and without an identity, the god capered throughout the universe with a will and desire at the whim of his growing insanity.Image_Portfolio_107_Fantasy Jason Walton 61

Eventually the divine energies wrought on Aventyr during the Forging of the Dvergr caught Leahcim’s attentions, drawing him to the periphery of the world to witness the rise of the progenitors and their subsequent fall into the draaki. It was the elven deities, however, that most interested the god of chance—over hundreds of years, he subtly infiltrated their pantheon and species, attributing fanatical devotees in the very flesh before spreading them across both Upper- and Underworld. He appeared inexplicably among the elven pantheon, fully adopting the drow form and gathering followers both before and after their exodus from Edhellond.

The most famous of these followers is Hivaka, the Saviour of the Masses. Leahcim took notice when she and her fellow slaves took flight from Xdot. He imparted the aspiring dark elf with some of his divine essence, forever transforming her into a demigoddess.

Leahcim continues to take an active (albeit underhanded) role in the continued existence of the drow. He travels through the Underworld, briefly touching the souls of dark elves and morphing their alignments towards chaos, neutrality or even goodness if it suits his mood. The lone raider D’thul, a cannibalistic sorcerer-barbarian in the Fungi Forest near Holoth, is one such drow. Those on the surface often see their lives subtly influenced by the trickster god, and Leahcim leads them to roles of dubious natures and unexpected rewards.


Leahcim takes delight in angering the other drow gods at every opportunity; his followers may substitute Leahcim as the required deity for any item, class, feat or spell that has a drow deity requirement, and may select the Drow domain if they have access to domains. Moreover, he often creates his own agents of change—players that wish to play a drow of good alignment in a place that would otherwise prohibit that choice may choose Leahcim as their deity to avoid that.

maybe leahcim 2The trickster god has numerous guises but he most commonly appears as an affably dressed male half-drow with an alluring grin and piercing blue eyes. Leahcim’s clothing is generally fashionable and appropriate for the environment, though it is always slightly tattered and seemingly in a state of disrepair. He casually saunters seemingly without a care in the world, a scimitar on his side and black-lacquered shortbow across his back.
Shrines to the Trickster

Leahcim doesn’t have proper churches—effigies and the like are hidden in plain sight or are places of secret pilgrimage. These shrines are often made to look like they belong to other deities, and only show their true forms when the correct prayers are uttered. Followers that fail a DC 28 Knowledge (religion) check find their god distempered with them after praying at one of these shrines, though they remain unsure as to why (regardless of any divination spells they cast).
Holy Text

Leahcim’s Lexicon is a treasured tome among thieves’ guilds, hidden drow enclaves and the trickster god’s followers. These books appear as unremarkable journals of unremarkable lives to followers of other deities (DC 26 Will save to negate) but in the hands of a devoted acolyte, provides a means to learn any rogue trick, illusion spell, or access to knowledge of prestige classes that require sneak attack as a prerequisite.

The prankster god may or may not play a direct part in Mischievous Meadows,but his followers (knowingly or not) are central to this month’s theme on the AaWBlog! Leahcim is known to sometimes take a hand in the affairs of mortals (normally from afar and rarely in person) and ensure that on occasion, even the most improbable plans bear fruit.

As the story progresses his blessings to aid his agents; once per encounter, any of the mischievous NPCs may reroll a natural 1 (they must take the result of the second roll).