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Under His Skin by Michael McCarthy

Jonathan: Michael, please tell us what inspired you to write “Under His Skin” your latest adventure module released on Adventureaweek.com. Michael: Every adventure is inspired by something. A book, a movie, an exciting moment in one game, that the writer wants to crystallize for the reader to experience. Hi, I’m Michael McCarthy, and I’m going […]

Map of Kingdoms

Todd has updated the map and added the country of NaeraCull.  NaeraCull and Pradjna are not available to choose as your primary country.  You may however choose to assist Todd in his development of Pradjna as he will need some assistance with statistical information and editing as he builds his part of the world.  You […]

HERO LAB: Setting the Standard


In a role-playing game industry flooded with a multitude of time saving tools, Lone Wolf Development has accomplished not only standing out; but setting the standard. For those of you out there not in the know, Lone Wolf Development is the driving creative force behind several different software based tools, including the one this review […]

Bringing the Bling: Rings

Bringing the Bling: Rings Magic items, whether they’re weapons or wands, are something every player looks forward to.  You can find them as loot from enemies or, if you can find the right magic shop, you can buy something right off the rack.  The question becomes, then, if you do find that magic shop, what […]

Between the Shoulder Blades: Sneak Attack!

Between the Shoulder Blades: Sneak Attack! Rogues are masters of stealth and deception, but one mechanic makes them stand out from other classes: sneak attack.  Under the right circumstances, a 3rd level Rogue will deal more damage than a 3rd level Barbarian who is in Rage. In today’s Critical Hit to the Blog, I’m going […]

Playing by the Rules: Lawful Alignments

Playing by the Rules: Lawful Alignment   Alignment Alignment is the personal and philosophical positions of your character.  Some classes have specific alignment restrictions, such as Barbarians must be Chaotic and Monks must be Lawful.  The Paladin is probably the most obvious example, as all Paladins must be Lawful Good.  Devils (Baatezu) are always Lawful […]

Combat: More Than Just Rolling Dice

Combat: More Than Just Rolling Dice  Combat is rolling dice.  That’s the mechanic used by Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.  But just like your character is more than a group of random number, combat is more than just rolling dice. Combat should be exciting and fun.  Simply saying ‘I swing my sword’ isn’t very exciting, […]

Getting into Character

Getting into Character Role-playing is part of the game.  Heck, it’s even in the name of the genre:  Role-Playing Game.  Some people seem to be natural born actors, slipping into the role of their character, whether it’s a player character or the DM playing a dozen different non-player characters over the course of one session.  […]

Improve Your Game: Freestyling

Improve Your Game:  Freestyling Have you ever given a party two options, like turn right or left, run or fight, or something similar only for the party to pick a third option you weren’t expecting?  Of course you have.  Players rarely, if ever, play everything exactly the way you want them to.  Maybe they have […]

How to build miniature Work Camp Tents

How to build miniature Work Camp Tents Build your own Camp Tents for your Adventureaweek.com games! Note: instructions follow the visual presentation! The instructions and photos given were created in ¼” scale, meaning, ¼” would equal 1 foot in the real world. You can use the same construction process to build in any scale you […]

Great Response!

Great Response! Well, so far it’s just Todd and I that can view this blog (and perhaps a couple friends helping with beta testing) but nevertheless, I will continue to post! Yesterday I decided to loose the news of the existence of Adventureaweek.com upon the general populace via Twitter & Facebook.  The response was more […]

The website is almost done!

The website is almost complete!  After experimenting with hundreds of different layouts and images we are almost there!  It’s been a bit crazy and plagued with schizophrenia perfectionism.  Don’t ask me to define that, I just don’t know what I’m saying after an entire day spent staring at code.  I do know that I’m VERY pleased with […]

HTML, Salt & Vinegar, and Punk Rock

Another day spent editing text and html on the adventureaweek.com website. I can’t wait until the arduous work is through! Our true passion is creating fantasy worlds, drawing maps and illustrations, and crafting fine adventures to share with YOU and our own personal gaming group! Soon I’ll be play testing these adventures with my friends […]