Maddening May: Chained-Swords of Ill-Fate

Chained-Swords of Ill-Fate
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 33,000 gp; Weight 13 lbs.

Each blade of this double-bladed sword is nicked and battered from striking thousands of blows, but glows with a persistent dull, silver light that outlines it when unsheathed. Chains are wrapped around both sides of the hilt, and a worn, ornate clasp is latched at its center.

This +1 keen/+1 keen two-bladed sword normally operates as a regular two-bladed sword does, but can be changed with the flip of a latch (a swift action) into a bizarre, truly lethal weapon. When unlatched the swords come apart and are connected only by the chains, allowing the wielder of the chained-swords of ill-fate to lash out in a dangerous flurry of strikes—both at himself and his enemies! The wielder of an unlatched chained-swords of ill-fate can make two additional attacks in a full-attack action; both of these attacks are at their highest bonus -5, but one of them must target the wielder. These additional attacks stack with haste and other abilities and effects that grant additional attacks.

sword chucksThe wielder may make two additional extra attacks in a full-attack action for every +8 points of base attack bonus they possess (each at a -10 penalty) so long as one of these attacks is made against themselves.
Creatures attacking themselves with the chained-swords of ill-fate are considered flat-footed. Any critical hit a creature threatens on itself with the chained-swords of ill-fate is automatically confirmed.

Success on a Knowledge (history) or Profession (soldier) check to learn more about the chained-swords of ill-fate reveals some facts about the unique weapon’s lore:

DC 15     The warrior Phytar earned a great deal of renown as master of the double-bladed sword and is said to have created the chained-swords of ill-fate, though he was quite incoherent afterward.
DC 20     A callous ally—a dark sorcerer and fellow of generally foul disposition named Blak-Maij—sarcastically suggested he seek a more powerful weapon in the Dar’Spelun Slugmarsh. Being surprisingly dull and witless, Phytar took him at his word and headed for the Underworld bogs.
DC 25     While a fool, Phytar didn’t lack martial prowess. He easily killed creatures that attacked him, living for decades as a recluse in the subterranean swamps. Eating everything he thought he could, Phytar consumed several of the karz slugs and survived—but was delirious for weeks. A vision came to him during one of these spells, a phantasm of a wondrous amalgamation of nunchaku and a two-bladed sword.
DC 30     Despite his complete lack of intellect, Phytar’s iron resolve led to success after several decades of unending pursuit of the craft of magical weapons. He emerged with the chained-swords of ill-fate, challenging anyone willing to do battle. It’s said that these combats were a truly magnificent sight to behold, though it wasn’t long before Phytar accidentally killed himself using the very weapon he spent his life creating.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (two-bladed sword), Weapon Focus (two-bladed sword), Weapon Specialization (two-bladed sword), keen edge, haste; Cost 16,500 gp

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