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Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #1: Sunny Southern Shores

Hello brave adventurers!

Last week we met Jurgen the dødelig, a mad little undead that wanders across the Hungering Jungle (and beyond) attempting to bring more adventurers deep into NaeraCull, handing out odd little brochures to anyone that crosses his path.

Today we’re bringing you one of these unique pamphlets!

If you’d like to download a copy of this FREE PDF head on over to the Store page, but AaWBlog Presents: Wonders of NaeraCull Brochures are available on,,, and as well!


We’re keeping it short and sweet today; enjoy your free PDF!
[And hey, maybe check out that nifty Snow White Kickstarter the internet is all abuzz over! -MM]

sunny southern shores

sunny southern shores 2

sunny southern shores 3

sunny southern shores 4

sunny southern shores 5

sunny southern shores 6

sunny southern shores 7

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