Weird Wednesday (Lands of Ludolog): Static Glitch Haunt

static glitch hauntStatic Glitch CR 8
XP 4,800
NE persistent haunt (50 ft. burst)
Caster Level 7th
Notice Perception DC 26 (as light fades as if getting pulled away from your eyes)
hp 42; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 week

Effect When the static glitch haunt is triggered, creatures within its area must make a DC 24 Reflex save or lose any visual-based abilities (gaze attacks, sight, low-light vision, darkvision). Once they have lost their sense of sight, they gain lifesense to a range of 40 feet (terrain and objects remain unseen). The creature’s visual-based abilities return every other minute, only to disappear for lifesense after 10 rounds. This persistent effect of the static glitch haunt is disorienting, and an afflicted creature becomes nauseated for 10 minutes each hour (DC 17 Fortitude negates). Any creature affected by this haunt has a 25% chance to misjudge their location making them miss their jump or move to a random square near their intended destination (determine which square randomly, as a splash weapon). These effects are a curse and can be removed with remove curse.

Destruction A static glitch haunt can only be destroyed by submerging it within magical darkness for 3 uninterrupted hours.

Adventure Hook The static glitch haunt is mainly used for making normally easy terrain difficult to navigate, giving way to a series of instadeaths [those are a big thing in the 2-Bit Dimension! -MM] from missed (or entirely unnoticed) jumps. This can cause a few issues if there are a lot of precise jumps that the party needs to make, so be mindful of how you use the static glitch haunt—keep the hazards coming when the curse is active instead of letting PCs sit around while waiting to get their sight back!

[Submitted by Tim Snow!]

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