Meta Thursday (Macabre Manses): Star Spawn Template

Star Spawn Template

There exist horrors in the universe incomprehensible to man. Sometimes these abominations manifest themselves within other living creatures, warping them into monsters more deadly than their ordinary selves. Creatures of this order are known as star spawn,identifiable only bythe bizarre traits that they possess. It is not uncommon for two statistically identical monsters with the star spawn traits to appear as two completely different creatures altogether.

The following template can be used to adjust the stats of monsters (the base create) that have been touched by forces beyond understanding.

one drive- art- illustratios - please sort me - final-pseudonatural-bwCR
AC Increase deflection bonus to AC by +4
Size increase one step from original form (+2 Str, +2 Con, -1 Dex)
Immune critical hits, bludgeoning damage, slashing damage, force damage
Unnatural Intelligence (Su) The base creature is granted a +10 bonus to Intelligence and a selection of 1d4 +2 wizard spells (up to 5th level) that it may cast at will as spell-like abilities. Additionally, this increased intelligence allows the base creature to learn any five languages.
Hive Lord (Su) The base creature is granted the innate ability to compel creatures of its own kind to fight for it whether the creatures are intelligent or not.
No Anatomy (Su) The base creature has no anatomical structure and is therefore immune to some weapon damage and spells like magical missile. Attacks from these sources temporarily displace the struck portion of the creature for 1 round hampering it from making an action that relies on the displaced area by incurring a -5 to the AC of that portion of its body or a -5 penalty to attack rolls (as appropriate; a displaced head penalizes the creature’s bite attack, etc.).


[Submitted by Jeremy Kleve!]

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