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Weird Wednesday: Stampeding Rage

Stampeding Rage     CR 2

stampeding rageXP 600
CE Persistent haunt (15-ft.-radius around mastodon statue)
Caster Level 2nd
Notice Perception DC 13 (to feel tremors in the ground)
hp 9; Trigger touch; Reset 1 round

Effect     When the stampeding rage haunt is triggered the creature touching it feels the ground rumble as a ghastly mastodon stampedes across the area nearby. Anyone within 30 feet of the stampeding rage haunt makes a DC 15 Will save or is knocked prone, taking 1 points of Dexterity damage. Regardless of their locale, if the stampeding rage haunt was not destroyed the ghostly mastodon charges the creature again at noon and sunset that day.

Destruction     The mastodon statue housing the stampeding rage haunt needs to be placed atop an enormous dreamcatcher that has no less than three silver weapons woven into it.

Adventure Hook     The daily sacred worship of a tribe of plain nomads has been getting interrupted by their mastodon deity and the adventurers are hired to help quell the ghostly beast’s undying rage.

[Contributed by Tim Snow!]

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