Special Halloween Pathways!

In this special Halloween issue of Pathways, Adventureaweek brings you the Black Shuck, a creature that lurks the countryside of the Eastern Klavek Kingdom by Jonathan Nelson & Will Myers.  We also get a special treat in the form of “Black Magic” by Will Myers.  Will is a radio DJ and took his favorite dark songs and converted them into fun spells to toss into your campaign.

You’ll also find articles by Michael Welham (Rpg Superstar and #30 Badges of Faith) Steven D. Russell (Book of Monster Templates), Crieighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press), Thomas LeBlanc (#30 Battle Standards), Will Myers, Jonathan Nelson, and Nathan Land (AdventureaWeek).  Also you will find the top products with reviews by Endzeitgeist and KTFish7, and an interview with freelance game designer Ryan Costello (Monsters of Sin, The Genius Guide to the Mosaic Mage).  


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